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Prosperity in Coming World

Life is a journey in which people get success on the basis of their wealth, knowledge and power. Money and knowledge are interlinked, if you had knowledge in modern world you can gain/earn money and it is common saying that if you had money you can buy knowledge. Many successful person's of 70's and 80's era are full of practical knowledge but less educated but in 90's era the educated peoples had started dominating the list  of successful stories. 

In coming decades it seems that the peoples with good education will definitely cross the obstacles and contribute to make human life more purposeful and good. Education is a great tool helps everybody to gain knowledge. Technology will definitely help next generations to spread and learn education. Here it is important to mention that to take education you must spend money which is a very big obstacle for poor peoples. Government and social welfare organizations are definitely doing well on path of giving education to poor communities but still many more miles still need to be covered which is a matter of worry. In Modern world  education is highly commercialized which must be handled by making appropriate laws, rules etc. by government. To provide quality education to poor peoples a total overhaul change is required in educational system.

Also people with good money must come forward to use their money for betterment of all human beings/poor peoples. Peoples who have powers in their hand must make right use of it to make this world a better place of living. They must develop laws, policies and system which brings more prosperity and development to all human kinds instead of making one man wealthy while making poor to other. The use of knowledge, money and power should be in a direction which provides fertility to whole mankind instead of making/creating difference between them.

I-T raids Welingkar Director Residence, alleged of making capitation fee for MBA seats |

As per news on Income tax Department has raided in a case of capitation fee against admission in institute. A student has repeatedly complain that Director is asking for capitation fee for management quota admission in the institute. It is just a single incidence which is known to us actually it is a common practice for all private/deemed universities, private engineering and management colleges to give admissions to the students through management quota only after accepting extra money, the method of taking this wrong money is sometimes in the form of cash/donation/capitation fee/etc.

Wherever you go for admission through management seat you have to pay according to the prescribed rates of that institute, while their is a scope of some negotiation but you have to pay for it.

This is purely commercialization of education and proves that poor and common men can not afford the higher education and it is the way to protect the rich class. Middle class has only tool i.e. education for the development of their child future so they are struggling for it and even pay the capitation and donation through taking loans or by some other means.

ABVP to protest against commercialization of education in PU on Nov 9 :

As per news on ABVP (Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarathi Parishad) is going to protest against the rise in fees on 9th November, 2010. Also they are asking for implementation of RTI Act in universities. As per ABVP leader Dinesh Chauhan the rise in educational fees has resulted into commercialization of education and higher education is out of reach of common and poor peoples.
I already mentioned it in my previous articles on education at my this blog.
I support peaceful protest for this cause.
ABVP should write to vice-chancellors, chancellors, HRD Ministry, Prime Minister Office, President Office about this issue.
ABVP to protest against commercialization of education in PU on Nov 9 :

Education in India

Currently India has the second largest population in the world and education is one of the hot sector of Indian economy as Indian Government has big plans for it. In last few year so many engineering and management institutes have come up in Northern India and almost all of them are through private players.In coming few years we may see a large number of private universities, deemed universities or foreign universities operating in India.

It is really very nice move to spread the education but if we look the scenario in long term I think after 10 years we have large crop of unemployed engineering and management graduates which can be a really big problem for the nation as the person who is unemployed even after getting technical and management degrees will definitely get frustrated and may engage in unlawful, criminal and may be terrorist activities so government should increase its focus on creating more number of jobs for educated peoples by taking various steps.

In other words this young educated generation is a big resource for the nation and we are standing at a point from where our nation India can take a track so that it can be a super power but if this educated generation is not used in right way then the nation may receive a big set back. Also it must be noted that political will and corruption should not be a obstacle in path of this young educated generation.

Commercialization of Education

In last 10 years the scenario of education in NCR has revolutionized and the new policy of government is making the foundation of another big round of changes and during this phase a large number of private players have created a big amount of wealth because as all the private players who are previously has some small institutes now a days have opened polytechnic, engineering and management institution and currently these players are in process of upgrading themselves to university level and some of them have already done it.

These private players created big wealth as the educational institutes get big concessions/grant/tax free benefits from government but does the private players passed on these subsidy/benefits/concession to common citizen and did not stored money in their own pockets by exploiting various loopholes in the system.

Now the government has introduced the foreign universities and in view of that private players are trying for foreign collaborations/tie-ups with various foreign universities but the question is are we creating a ill-trained army of professionals of various sectors means the students who will study in these institutes are international level professionals and not just a degree holder. It may seem that in near future degrees will be sold by private players by just completing the formalities and not by giving actual knowledge and education to our young generation.

How many peoples from poor family are able to get higher education from private institutions and how many number of poor family professional have been generated by these private players.


Parents say won't pay hiked fees - Delhi - City - The Times of India

As per the news on Times of India website today that most of the unaided school in the capital has increased the fees for the 2010-11 session and asked the parent to submit the fees. However Directorate of Education is saying that school needs valid needs to form a valid Parents Teacher Association and need clearance of this body before charging incremented fees. While Private school federation is saying their is no such act and circular of Directorate of Education is illegal. All India Parents' Association (AIPA) has decided in its meeting that they will pay fee only as per old rates. Schools federation is saying that they have to pay increased salary, and due to rising prices the expenses have increased while everybody knows that how much money is being paid to staff in private institutes.

In above scenario parents do not have any clear path known to them that what should they do. It has become a political games between Parents Association and Schools federation and in between the common parent is facing trouble and don't know he should join which group.

Although education standard in private school is good and their result also very good but all these private school are not working as social welfare organisation but has become a field of profit for investor who put their money in to this sector. All school gets income tax benefit and many other tax benefits because school/education is counted as social responsibility but now it is totally commercial. Today the Education is commercialized. Big investors are investing large amount of money in this sector to maximise their return.

I think government must be more vigilant against private bodies who are earning big revenues and make a grievance centre where parents can lodge their problems/grievance against any school.

Parents say won't pay hiked fees - Delhi - City - The Times of India

Govt clears 5,000 more post-grad medical seats - India - The Times of India

It is a good step by government as the step will improve health conditions of the country and better caring of its citizens. We have more number of specialist doctors after 2-3 years and I am very much hopeful that it will also bring down cost of health facilities in the country and poor and lower middle class peoples will get better health services.

As a precautionary measure I will say that the relaxations given to medical colleges from teaching point of view must be withdrawn after certain period of time to increase quality of teaching in the medical colleges especially at private medical and dental colleges because now a days education sector is full of capitalism and is being exploited for commercial and profit purpose. In short education is commercialized now a days.

It is worth to be noted that best engineers of our country generally fly away to foreign countries in search of better options so while we are trying to increase number of doctors we must make sure that the top medical colleges who produces best doctors in the world must make a provision for their topper students so that these students provide their initial years(2-3 years) of service to the nation, it may be in some private/government/other organization but within the geographical limits of India. Also some ratio of whole medical students of the country must be given rural postings.

Govt clears 5,000 more post-grad medical seats - India - The Times of India