India and China

We knows that China is more strong in comparison of India at current scenario on various scales like defense, economy, population. Also growth & development in China is more than India and because of its strong position China is trying to push back India on many matters like International Nuclear Clearance, increase strength of its relation with Pakistan, Hidden support to the forces fighting against India like naxalist, communist, terrorist etc.

The main power of China is its strong economy so to defeat the China India should take some necessary steps to increase its pace of development and strengthen the Indian Economy. Some of the steps as per my views is

- Decrease Corruption by strict and fast enforcement of laws

- Initiatives to retain talent pool (education young peoples) from going abroad and also call back the all good Indian Doctors, Engineers & Scientist from foreign countries

- Steps to strength its ties with Anti-China Forces but not at the cost of bitter relations with China

- Up-gradation of Army, Navy & Air-force equipment, technology, arms, ships, fighter jets, nuclear power etc. on war scale

- Also steps must be taken to give more strength to our ties with Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and most important Pakistan

- Also India should tries for permanent seat (veto power) in United Nation Organization

- Must provide support to all Indian standing for their recruitments in International Organization especially Finance and social welfare organization

Internally I will say from President of India to common labour class person must work for 3 hours extra in a week at their own to increase the pace of development.