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Jaitapura Nuclear Power Project

Yesterday One person died and some others injured in police firing at Jaitapura in Maharashtra. Some Policemen also get injured in stone pelting by agitating peoples. These Peoples who are agitating against 9900 MW Nuclear Power Project which is going to be established their by Central government. For this purpose government is acquiring land and removing peoples from that place. In Starting A group of peoples manhandled the Nate Police Station official and police started lathi charge and later on Fired in air to control the situation. In his last visit to Jaitapura, Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said no about any "re-think" on the proposed mega nuclear power plant at Jaitapur in Maharashtra. The boiling statement given by ShivSena Chief Bal Thackery and presence of local ShivSena representative has increased the intensity level of agitation. 

My question is that in view of crisis at Japan , Fukushim Nuclear Power Plant should not we think about it and the safety arrangements must be made public. Also maintenance and backup plans for safety of plants must be made public every five years. Further residents of Jaitapura and nearby area should be taken in confidence by awareness but not through forcing them. The most important point is about the land on which Nuclear Power Plant is being established means if it is agriculture land than it should not be used and must be established on non-agricultural land because speed of land acquisition in last 2-3 decades is very fast and in coming decades India will don’t have any agricultural land and we become dependent on others for food security of our citizens. Already there is big scarcity of food in country and inflation rate is so high because of gap in demand and supply. The details about impact on environment of the Jaitapura and Maharashtra must be known to the peoples of that area. 

How this Nuclear Power Plant is going to help the local peoples and what benefits it is going to give to the country, also how it could help in generating more security to basic needs of our citizens like Food, Water, clean environment etc. 

Also Government must ensure that it do not becomes a case like Nandigarm and Singur in West Bengal.

Tragedy in Japan

The recent Earthquake and tsunami has totally damaged many cities of Japan and killed thousands of people. Due to this big earthquake and tsunami the Fukushima nuclear power plant safety measures has failed and radiation has spread in and around Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

This incident has clearly raised big question over energy from Nuclear Sources. In some news it is also mentioned that some data related to safety measures of reactors changed/compromised way back in 1985 so now to stop future recurrence of this type of nuclear tragedy secrecy over nuclear reactors must be reduced and international audit of nuclear plants all over the world must be carried out in view of Japan Tragedy.

Moreover whole world must come forward to help the Japan at this crisis movement. The safety of human beings is the top most priority of any initiative.

It is a reminder from nature to Humans that we should make ourself environment friendly otherwise unnecessary exploitation of nature will yield bad result. All the human creations are small in front of any natural disaster.

I pray to God to help and give courage to the peoples of Japan during this tragedy.


India a nation well known through out the world for its centuries old culture and peacekeeping behaviour (India never invaded any country in her last 1000 years of history) is scaling new heights everyday on world map.

Engineers and Doctors of India have already proved their metal to the world and recognised by every country. We As a nation India is second-largest populated country in the world.

India is a nuclear power since 1974 when it first tested its nuclear device named as Smiling Buddha. The Nation is also standing strong on its feet in space exploration and recently India sent first unmanned lunar vehicle Chandrayaan to the moon.

In Sports India won one gold in shooting and Two bronze in boxing recently at Beijing Olympics . Viswanathan Anand, the great Chess champion is famous for his victory over computers. Kalpana Chawla, Astronaut of NASA is also an Indian. Indian Cricket team has also won One Day World Cup and T-20 World cup.

The growth rate of Indian Economy is also very good and all international financial bodies are confident that in coming decades Indian Economy will be a Super Economy and its growth rate will surpass the growth of China. Most of the current developed nations thinks that India will be a Super Power in coming decades.

By grace of God India is having very good environment with great combination of nature from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, a beautiful gift to the nation.

But to become a Superpower We as Indian Citizens need to work hard to keep pace of development and remove the loopholes of corruption, terrorism, bad politicians, naxalism, illiteracy, etc. which impact our chances to become a superpower. While we have to maintain pace of development we should also maintain our environment and natural resources.


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