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Increasing Population Is A Problem for Humanity and our Planet

With respect to change in our lifestyle today we mainly blame the degrading quality of life everyday because of increased busyness, more & more stress, rising health problems in young age and many more daily routine issues. The average age of human beings had decreased in last many decades. The unhealthy life style, eating habit, shortage & unavailability of nutritious food is a big reason behind it. The quality living is very costly and not affordable for many of us. The increased use of chemicals, pesticides in all eatables and daily consumables items has increasing the problem by each passing day.

What is the reason behind this, definitely the increasing demand and decreasing supply? Due to increased demand many social problems take births like starvation, less food, less cloths, less homes and scarcity of basic needs of life for peoples and in search of solution of above problems human beings use natural items which are decreasing at a very fast rate and the only solutions seems to be the population control, it is the biggest problem for which whole world, researchers, scientist, social organizations, different country governments, political leaders etc. are seeking solution. They are trying to solve these problems through various means and ways which ultimately depend on natural resources. Today we don’t want to maintain the things required in our daily life but just use them and throw them, popularly known as USE AND THROW concept.

The usage and maintenance concept of everything has gone and now the time is for USE AND THROW which leads to exhausting of natural resources at a speed which can’t be expressed in words.

In view of above problems if human beings are not aware and no steps are taken for correction of our wrong activities soon the human beings existence on this planet will be a story of history.


Every Year all over the world lakhs of tree plantations are done and many programmes / functions / seminars and other activities carried out by Government and Non Government organisations to spread awareness about environment and increase plantation. The important questions is how many trees / plants survive out of total plantations and what are the reasons behind the non - survival. One of the important reason is total negligence of their after take care or in simple words just plant a tree and forget it. It seems that tree plantations programme is organised only for the purpose of pump and how. Just have some photographs while planting a tree, circulate it in media, gain some popularity BUT NO ARRANGEMENT FOR TAKE CARE OF THE PLANTATION DONE. It is not important to do so many tasks with half heart but do one task with full energy and complete it. In other words instead of spending thousand crores on plantations a part of above funds may be kept and spent on take care of trees planted.

Their must be some kind of analysis / report / survey and accountability must be fixed that who is responsible for DEATH OF PLANTED TREES.

If today we will not save trees tomorrow we will be not able to live on this planet our mother EARTH. Already we have lost many good things which we got from trees due to cutting of forest and development race. Many ayurvedic medicines, fruits, flowers, strong wood is not available today because these things died with DEATH OF TREES of above species. 

Now slogan of SAVE TREES, PLANT TREES needs to be updated and expanded to SAVE TREES, PLANT TREES, TAKE CARE OF PLANTATION.

Thank you to all the readers for going through above article.

Please come forward to give more ideas to implement and solve the above mentioned problem. 


Now November has started and cold air waves of winters are flowing in morning and evening. Temperature is decreasing slowly with every passing day. Generally our senior citizens say that in the era of 80’s when they are young winters starts early in the month of October and by November environment change completely. Fans are switched off in August end or in 1st week of September only. Windows are cover in October. Full warm clothes are in use by everybody in November. Even some senior citizens say that they use blankets when watching RAMLEELA  and warm up themselves by burning fire while returning home after the show. As per my childhood memories we never used FAN on Diwali and used to buy new warm clothes like sweater, cap, socks before diwali as shoping of Diwali. Also in winters now air is more polluted because increased moisture in air which leads to intermixing of dust particles with pollution and these heavy particles remains  at low levels in air causing diseases problem of eyes, nose and throat. Asthma patient really has big problem during this type of weather.
Winters come late, ends early because climate is changing with every passing decade. Reasons of climate change are known to all of us and we all are responsible for this. The problem and its solution are in our own hands. We must try to use more public conveyance and must tries to secure green area of our cities and many other small steps needs to be taken to save environment otherwise we will lose the golden thing (our environment) and don’t have anything to give to our coming generations. SAVE ENVIRONMENT, SAVE EARTH.

Say No To Fire Crackers on Diwali

Diwali is coming and everyone has started planning and buying the gifts, cloths, cards, sweets and our young generations of teenagers, children's and even some well educated mature persons are very enthusiastic about bursting fire crackers. Bursting of fire crackers of hundred crores leads to much smoke, noise and other types of pollution. It even hurts and increase problems of patients admitted in hospitals and senior citizens who are generally have some type of allergy/disease due to age factors are increased. If the same amount of money is used for betterment of society it could be very useful.
By saying no to Fire Crackers we might not only reduce the high costs of buying and burning these crackers, but also reduce the expense incurred in the treatment and cure of asthma and other pollution related diseases including anxiety and heart problems. Should we not act reasonably and prove ourselves to be better citizens? Should we not make improved use of our education?
Yes their many peoples are employed with crackers industry but fire crackers manufacturers should come forward to make a crackers which specifies the limit of noise, size, smoke etc with regard to manufacturing of crackers.
Safety standard keeping in view the user safety must be also kept in mind . Moreover they should also try to invent how the bad impact of fire crackers on environment can be reversed and is it possible to recycle the waste produced by crackers. Although government have fixed 10:00 PM as the last time to burst crackers but government should also fix the standards for manufacturing of crackers.
At our own level we should come forward to SAY NO TO CRACKERS so that we can save environment and our  planet Earth (Our Mother) which has reached to critical dangerous stage right now due to global warming and rapidly increasing pollution levels.
We should celebrate our festivals with flowers, sweets and happiness. There are also many others methods through which we can celebrate our festivals.
Let’s spread this message to everyone.

Badkhal Flyover to Ankhir Chowk

Currently these days so many trees are being cut on the green belt adjacent to road between Badkhal Flyover to Ankhir Chowk, probably the road is being converted from two lane to four lane and a another two land flyover may be constructed in coming near future joining the existing flyover which connects with National Highway-2 Mathura Road. Construction of new road will ease down the traffic problem and increase pace of development but Hundreds of trees has been cut down for the above mentioned purpose on the One Kilometer green belt area .  Important questions regarding environment which arises are :-
1. How the environment will be compensated?
2. Does any other location has been identified where the trees will be planted against the trees cut down?
3. What budget has been allocated for the new trees to be planted?
4. What timeline has been made.
I don't think that anything out of above mentioned questions has been done but is it possible to access these information using RTI. What are the concerned department which are carrying out this exercise.
Why the residents of nearby area are not raising a voice for the same.

Modernisation Versus Environment

Today in the race of modernization against already developed countries of the world India as a nation is busy in building roads, bridges, buildings means concrete jungle and damaging its environment like anything.

Whenever we made any road we cut lots of trees and cut our hills for road construction material means double damage to environment and never plans how to compensate that loss so policy should be made that whenever anybody cuts one tree another tree is planed against the same.

Also when we made flyover we cut road side trees and drill the earth to raise the pillars for flyover again two sided attack on environment so our engineers must try to find out the designs which are environment friendly and have space for greenery consisting of not only flowers and plants but for trees also.

During the creation new residential colonies and sector by government also many of agricultural land is compromised instead of developing residential area on non-agricultural land.

I think government should impose a environment tax on the lines of education surcharge.

Pepsi accused of over extraction of groundwater - India - The Times of India

As per the news on Times of India website the state government of kerala has made a report regarding over extraction of ground water by Pepsi at its plant in Kerala. It is good that now the state government is reviewing the working of Pepsi Plant for over extraction of ground water. But the response of company to media is that is using innovative recycling and recharging techniques to save water and brought down the usage by 60% in last few years. Also the company has received environment and water management awards.

I would only say that company should be allowed to operate but must be on the strict norms that it will invest its resources for recharge of water not only in plant but also in surrounding areas of plant. The performance and result must be verified at regular intervals. Also Pepsi should try to spread awareness in that area for improve of environment and provide funds to the local NGO's and start some project to increase ground water levels.

Pepsi accused of over extraction of groundwater - India - The Times of India

Mining in Aravali Hills

Today I read a news in Hindustan Times about Partial Mining Lease in Aravali Hills okayed by Haryana government in Faridabad and Palwal area. Lease will be given to Private players for a period of 7 to 10 years. and the same may be extended to Gurgaon including Mewat area after Supreme Court permission.

I just want to say when mining will start it will definitely affect our environment so did the government had made some provision/plan/guidelines to save environment or the exercise which will be carried out for calculating the impact on nature/environment and how the same will be cured. I think heavy environment taxes must be imposed so that environment tax money can be used for planting of trees, re-originating natural water resources, giving re-birth to wildlife etc.

Moreover as we all know that all the parties involved in mining for this area are powerful peoples (politicians/bureaucrats/corporate) and these all have the knowledge about means & ways for illegal mining, I mean that they do mining of 10 kg and pay for only 1 kg. and every party involved in it have their commission from top to bottom against the same.

A report for re-structuring activities of environment carried out by different government departments in last decade against the impact of mining during the same period.

At last in one sentence I will say "MINING SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED AT ANY COST."