Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vote is the Crucial Weapon to Establish Democracy

In upcoming LS elections, each and every vote will count. This is the single most potent weapon to demand national security, guys! Everyone of us is not a soldier that we shall go and protect our borders. Let us fight with the weapon we all have: our vote.

I strongly feel that for nation's stability, weed out regional parties. Vote for a national party. The regional parties came into existence for local aspirations, good enough: no grudge against them. But what the heck they are doing here on the national scene: trying to extract their pound of flesh! They will just spoil our future in terms of national stability and progress.

I reproduce below sentiments expressed from two different sources (
(These excerpts were taken from The Tribune) in this regard:

1. Voting Mantra:
WG-CDR CL SEHGAL (retd), Jalandhar writes: "It would be a far better proposition to have a coalition of two or three bigger parties than having a conglomeration of two-dozen smaller parties, each pulling the country in a different direction. The way certain regional parties are ditching both the UPA and the NDA, the duo should stop being at each other’s throat on every issue and leave some room for reconciliation after the elections.

I would advise the voters to choose any of the mainstream national parties and reject the small regional parties. Here is a voting mantra. Vote for a national party, vote for stability, vote out smaller regional parties, vote out instability."

2. Jurists Appeal to the Voters:

Harbhagwan Singh, former Advocate-General of Punjab and Haryana; Justice P.K. Palli, former Judge of the Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh High Courts; and Jagmohan Singh, former member of the Punjab State Law Commission, in a joint statement have urged voters to elect “innovative, dedicated and transparently honest public men” to the Lok Sabha in the ensuing elections. They also exhorted the electorate to shun and oust corrupt and criminal elements from the body politic of the country.

They said the young and newly enfranchised electorate should see that the self-serving people with parochial outlook did not enter the august house of Parliament. To keep the unity and integrity of the country, it was necessary that candidates sponsored only by national parties and parties having wider representation in the country were preferred so that the tendencies leading to Balkanisation of the country were nipped in the bud.

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Neighbors

In the big scenario of metropolitan advance cities of today we are losing our social contacts/ apsi bhaichara/padoswad. Even many of us not known to the family/person living next door to us or if known then it is totally a formal relation means saying hello when we are leaving for office or meeting once a while when meets by chance. In some posh localities of big metropolitan cities peoples are not aware about the problems of their neighbors. Even if someone is in hospital or some is going out of station neither we care to inform our neighbors nor the neighbors try to inquire. Sometimes in case of deaths neighbors do not think about the arrangement of basic facilities (food, water, activities related to crimination) for the affected family. In case of some functions like marriage peoples do not participate like a neighbors but like a guest who comes at last moment shakes hands, eats dinners and goes back.

In small village peoples lives like a family, every neighbors is like a family member. Peoples works in functions like marriage and stand together in tough times.

Here lines of Ms. Jahnvi (a lead role in movie Lago Raho Munnabhai') comes to mind that we are connected to Internet, knows latest news about the world but do not knows about the neighbour. We get the time to do every work in this world but we forget to call our elder family members in village. It is reality of metropolitan life.

The main reason behind end of social contacts is too much busyness, stress on every individual, and self cornered heart. TV is another big cause behind this problem as all small children, housewives, elders members stick to it instead of meeting to each other.

Please suggest the ideas which could solve this problem.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Retrogressive Education Policies!

Today, I read a news that says that individuals with age more than 30 years can not enroll for LLB studies. Bar Council of India (BCI) has asked Ravi Shankar University in Chattisgarh to follow this directive.

If the news item is correct, what a retrogressive step it would be! What an irony!
According to the news item, BCI has further added that the age restriction would be 30 years for general category of the applicants and 35 years for SC ST category. It is so ludicrous that depending upon what caste I was born, the State would decide my fate about my educational achievements in my life! There can not be a more destructive step for the society that this.
Following is the news item that appeared in Adaalat Blog (courtsey Mr. Lokesh):

30 साल से अधिक आयु वाले अब एलएलबी में प्रवेश नहीं ले सकेंगे। बार काउंसिल इंडिया ने छत्तीसगढ़ के पंडित रविशंकर शुक्ल विश्वविद्यालय को एक फरमान जारी कर यह बंदिश लगा दी है। एलएलबी की पढ़ाई के लिए अब तक आयु सीमा की पाबंदी नहीं थी। शैक्षणिक सत्र 2009-10 से इसे अमलीजामा पहनाया जाएगा। बार काउंसिल ऑफ इंडिया ने एक पत्र भेजकर प्रवेश में आयु सीमा का सख्ती से पालन करने कहा है। पत्र के मुताबिक सामान्य वर्ग के लिए 30 एवं अनुसूचित जाति एवं जनजाति वर्ग के लिए 35 साल आयु तय की गई है।

बार काउंसिल ऑफ इंडिया ने अन्य कक्षाओं के लिए भी आयु सीमा में संशोधन किया है। पहले बीए एलएलबी में प्रवेश में सामान्य वर्ग के लिए 22 तथा अन्य वर्गों के लिए 25 साल की आयु सीमा निर्धारित थी। अब इसे 20 तथा 22 साल की गई है।

इस फरमान से कानून की पढ़ाई करने वाले सरकारी अधिकारियों के अरमानों पर पानी फिरने की संभावना है। क्योंकि एलएलबी की पढ़ाई के इच्छुक सरकारी अधिकारियों को प्रवेश नहीं मिल पाएगा। दरअसल कई आईएएस अफसर विधि की पढ़ाई करते हैं। कई अफसर आयु सीमा पार करने के बाद विधि की पढ़ाई करते हैं। ऐसे अधिकारी सेवानिवृत्ति के बाद किसी कंपनी, फर्म या सरकार के विधि सलाहकार बनने में भी कामयाब हो जाते हैं। अब तक लगभग सभी कॉलेजों में आयु सीमा की अनदेखी की जाती रही है। सरकारी अधिकारी को भी प्रवेश देने में आयु सीमा को दरकिनार किया जाता रहा है।

RTI: Do not Leave it in Lurch!

Indians got their RTI (right to Information) Act in place, which is supposed to usher a new era of transparency and accountability. That is so nice. CIC (Central Information Commission) oversees the RTI implementation all over the country. Mr. Shailesh Gandhi, Central Information Commisssioner says observes:

1. "The government has created the CIC and left it to fend for itself."
2. To a question, "How would you rate the information commissions in various states?", he quipps: very poor.

This speaks volumes of the current state of affairs of RTI. The public has to demad a better accountability of RTI itself! I look at this isisue this way: The democracy becomes effective only if there is a balance of Raj -shakti and Lok-shakti. The governemnt enacted RTI, good enough! but if the people (Lok shakti) do not wake up the realities and demand a better system, no one will deliver them. As citizens how aware and duty bound dow e feel towards our society!

Following are the excerpts of the interview with Mr. shailesh Gandhi, Central Information Commissioner, that appeared in The Tribune. Worth reading!

Central Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi has been promoting and teaching Right to Information (RTI) to various sections. He has conducted over 500 workshops for citizens and officers in slums, clubs, offices and colleges.

Having used the RTI to inform citizens about the Maharashtra CM’s Relief Fund, stopping misuse of over Rs 1000 crore in the redevelopment of Mumbai’s Crawford market and curbing political interference in police transfers, he is today among the six Central Information Commissioners.

In an interview with The Sunday Tribune, he discloses some thorny issues which are hindering the CIC. Excerpts:

Q: Why is the CIC lagging behind?

A: Pending cases is the main problem. There is acute shortage of staff with the Information Commissioners. We are unable to clear more than 1500-1700 cases per year. If we have adequate staff, we can settle at least 4,000 cases.

No proper systems and norms have been put in place as to how the CIC should function in the country even though more and more people are filing RTI petitions. The norms need to be identified and put in place. The commissioners and the staff also need to be trained on how to handle the cases.

Q: Should the RTI be made more stringent and its scope enhanced?

A: No. Presently, adequate number of bodies and offices are covered by it. This would mean amending the RTI Act itself, which would not be advisable. There would be no improvement as such.

Q: How is the Centre’s attitude towards the CIC?

A: The government has created the CIC and left it to fend for itself. Its response should be better to help deliver the goods. The commissioners don’t have the brief to tackle senstive issues which differ from department to department.

Q: What should the Centre do more about dissemination of information?

A: Transparency should be institutionalised. The RTI has ushered in a cultural
change and everyone should understand it. Of course, this change will come
about gradually.

Q: About four Commissioners have retired and their posts have not yet been filled. Isn’t it affecting the work?

A: Some Commissioners have been appointed. The Act provides for 10 Commissioners besides the CIC. If there were seven of them, it would be adequate to settle the cases.

Q: How many cases do you receive every month? Has the average increased
over the years?

A: Last year the CIC received about 15,000 cases. This year it would be much higher; the monthly average of cases has risen to about 1500. This will further go up if the backlog of cases is reduced.

Q: You also receive false cases. Why? How can this practice be checked?

A: It is a common problem with every law or Act and the RTI is no exception. It is a reflection of the present-day society. There are rogues everywhere and every law is misused. There is need for attitudinal change in society.

Q: How would you rate the information commissions in various states? Shouldn’t they be strengthened to become more effective?

A: Very poor. Most commissioners settle hardly 700-800 cases per year. The best disposal, outside the CIC, would be about 1500 cases per year, which reflects a very poor state of affairs.

The number of pending cases is on the rise and it is turning out to be alarming. If this continues over the next four to five years, the Act itself would be dead. The situation needs to be resolved by the government on priority.

Q: What is the CIC’s most important achievement? And how has the RTI empowered the common man?

A: The RTI has empowered the citizen in letter and spirit. He can now sit at home and seek information from the government which it is bound to provide. And the RTI’s real strength is that it is deepening the democracy in the country. Over the next three to four years, there can be a sea change in governance, provided we are able to clear the pending cases.

(Backlog of RTI cases alarming: Gandhi by Girja Shankar Kaura/The Tribune March 29,09)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Election Money

After announcement of general elections all political parties have started their election campaign and as per estimates on an average constituency require two - three crores rupees funds. As per rules all the candidates needs to declare their income, assets while nominating themselves and the maximum limit for election campaign per candidate is only few lakhs rupees so their are two sides of a candidate who is fighting election.

First one is legal aspect/way which is presented in front of Society/Janta/Election Commission/other concerned.

The second aspect which is much more bigger than the previous one is the Black/Illegal aspect about his assets/budget/expenditure for election. In this second aspect a big amount of money is spent on election campaign but the question is how the money is arranged and used and why the election commission is not able to track it so that guilty / leaders opting wrong way will removed from fighting election and our Political system will become an arena of clean leaders.

The above scenario shows that a big much parallel economy is working. In general local terms we call is black money which lies in the pocket of capitalist/corporate bosses/bureaucrats/political leaders which is earned through wrong ways like corruption, scams, by not paying taxes and they they deposit this money in foreign countries banks and the resources of our nation goes to other countries so all these activities must be stopped and bring all that black / illegal money into white and when this money comes into white the prosperity will automatically comes to general common man.

To bring the black money into white we need clean politics which is again dependent on black money so it shows that a complete cycle is going for which we need weapon to break and bring the path out of this black circle.

My dear friends please suggest all the ways / ideas which you think can break this cycle and bring the new path.

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Corruption: the Major Issue for Elections

Corruption is the major issue for the upcoming LS elections, but it should not surprise the countrymen that political parties are just not talking about it. Instead, the national and regional political parties are busy aligning and re-aligning, shuffling and re-shuffling their stands! Purpose: How to increase the bargaining power so that in post-poll market, they will be able to raise the bar. Raise the bar for ideals, and principles! No, raise the bar for extracting maximum for the power-sharing.

The three fronts are emerging: i) BJP and its allies making NDA, ii) UPA now representing mainly Congress as all the allies have deserted it, and iii) Third Front: a conglomerate of various parties who do not believe in pre-poll alliance and are not ready to even guess until elections are over because they will weigh the possibilites after the results are out. Expect these self-serving parties to do the task of nation-building!

My fellow countrymen, leave your notions of party ideologies, shake the boxes of your affiliations! These are parasites who are sucking our blood, draining our (tax payers') money and just busy politicking! Not to disparage the honest and sincere political leaders, I must say that unless the whole vision of what politics is all about, our democracy will remain in peril. We need elected leaders who commit to nation building by focusing on education, health, better public and civic administration, national security and integrity, social security for the all (particularly underprivileges masses), economic security, etc. We do not elected leaders who have come to understand that politics is all about indulging in populistic measures and making false promises!

The only solution for the short term:

1. Come out and vote on the day of voting!

2. Vote for candidates based upon the track-record, performance and profile. Do not be swayed by caste and party affiliations.

3. Destroy Regional Parties: Vote for candidates who can provide clean leadership. Throw these small regional parties out of the window as they are going to pollute the post-poll environment by extracting their flesh. These regional parties should not have any stake on the national issues! They were created to fulfill local aspirations and at national level, they will at the best create instability by producing a hung parliament!

Until political reforms are brought in so that the menace of cross over (dal badal) , unholy post-poll alliance is checked and pol parties are disciplined, these short term measures will at least give some relief to stabilize our democracy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Nano Car

Tata Nano -- 2500$ Car Launched In Auto Expo 2...

Image via Wikipedia

The launch of Nano car by TATA motors is under much discussion. A hot topic of discussion. Middle class service man is eyeing on this car. The price tag of Rs.100000/- (Rs. One lakh only) is really attractive for all Indians. The daring step is initiated by Ratan Tata, the Captain of Industry and even after problems of Singur, West Bengal plant he is able to keep his promise with all Indians. Really Rattan Tata is a man of his words.

So many variants of Nano will be available and booking forms are available from TATA Group of Companies. But what is the future of Nano, some of the points attached to this car is :-

1. Will it help in increasing demand of cars and a weapon to break the recession period

2. What about the traffic problems.

3. Is it environment friendly and will not contribute to increasing pollution

4. Will be successful on Indian Roads like other vehicles of TATA Motors ?

5. Renovation of taxi/auto standards of general passenger(lower class)

6. For how much time the price tag of Rs.100000/- (Rs One lac) is maintained.

7. Question of Reliability as many parts of this car is not made up of metals which raises a question of reliability and total life of vehicle.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Educational Loans

We all know about the facility of educational loans available through public/private banks in India. In last 10 years a number of peoples have availed this facility for arrangement of quality higher education for their children's especially middle class service personnel's by mortgaging their personal saving/assets in the hope that on completion of education when their wards will get good job and they will be able to repay the liability of educational loan. Currently due to global meltdown/financial crisis all the good companies have stopped their recruitments and withdrawn appointment / offers given to freshers. Today news of Satyam for deferring joining dates 9000 freshers came to picture. it is leading to unemployment and frustration for all candidates and their families. they are worried about the repayment of loan.

The most important point is that if their are no opportunities available for our young educated force what measures/policies government has framed. I think that government must give them some relaxation and private banks must be instructed that they do not use wrong methods of recovery and must give some relaxation time for repayment of loans.

If the relaxation is not provided and something goes wrong with these family/candidates then it may lead to diversion of youth into wrong / unlawful / criminal activities which will be biggest blunder for our society. We all knows very well about the danger of terrorism. Many terrorist organizations are working on their strategy to engage / recruit the trained youth for the terrorist activities so to stop and save the society Government must act fast and provide some means and ways for relaxation / repayment of loans availed by them.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ragging is a growing cause of concern in higher educational institutions of India. although the laws and rules had been made but enforcement is the area where we lost our all wickets. college authorities, staff and student representatives must work to save new/junior students from harassment. Recently the death of a medical students in ragging case at Dr. Rajendra Prasad Medical College at Himachal Pradesh had broken to sleep of concerned authorities, media, government, NGO and society. It is the most hot topic for Media. NGO's, government authorities and everyone common man is discussing about ragging issue. Even court has issued directives in this regard. UGC says the donations will be less for the institutions who will fail to stop ragging. The main thing is that after few months everyone will forget about ragging. I think solution of this problem is not in taking steps one time and sleep till the next case happens but following steps must be implemented in all higher education institutions. They are as follows :-

- Spread Awareness among students especially the seniors

- Formal introduction meet organized by college authroties under their supervision

- Parents should inculcate good ethics in their wards against ragging

- A common national anti-ragging website where anyone can report the matter and counselling is available for him

- National toll free anti ragging helpline

- All colleges must invite inspection committees from other colleges/government departments/NGO's to check the anti ragging measures in their campus and hostels.


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Friday, March 20, 2009

IPL Matches

Since the announcement of General Elections, IPL matches are point of discussion for everyone. It is a hot topic for electronic and print media also. Home Ministry advised IPL authorities to change the schedule due to non availability of security agencies. Revised schedule submitted by IPL is also not okayed by Home Ministry and it had asked report from the concerned state. some of the states have said that they will manage it while other states views are not clear. In view of recent attack on Sri Lankan Cricket team in Pakistan every cricketers and fans of cricket is saying that security must be of very high level for IPL matches. So All the franchisees, IPL organizers and cricketers are working hard to manipulate that IPL happens on time even if it disrupt fair election practice because it brings lot of money to them. They may give bribes to each & every concerned.

The big question is that whether money is important or election.

I think election is the most important thing and everyone concerned must look for alternative way to organise IPL match .

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Save Aravali Hills Environment

The oldest hills of this planet the Aravali Range is affected from human activities like stone crushing, cutting of trees in forest area of Aravali, construction on large scale, mining, dispense & dumping of waste. All these activities are very dangerous for the environment of Aravali and its surrounding areas environment.

Due to too much constructions in the area like farmhouses, societies/colony/bungalows in gurgaon, faridabad the environment cycle of this area is totally imbalanced.

Some of the famous lakes/water sources like Badkhal lake, Dhauj Jheel, Surajkund Lake, Damdama Lake on the aravali range had gone dry in last five year. All these lakes are famous tourist spots and source of income for locals but now all these lakes are totally dried because of illegal mining and change of pattern in the natural drainage system. Natural drainage's are dumped with waste material which affected ground water flow. The only source of water for these lakes are rain water and it is not reaching them because of blockage in natural drainges. Ground water recharging is badly affected due to drying of these lakes. Even the Central Empower Committee (CEC) which is empowered with satellite imagery shows that some of these lakes are full last year. some of these lakes are used for water sports and now they are like drought hit land.So mining process needs to be stopped on urgent basis in this region to save the forest and aravali hills environment. Drying of these lakes also indicates that in future ground water will be not available in this area if the relevant steps for recovery are not taken. If we start restoring the natural process it will takes at least 2-3 decades to show the result.

In view of coming commonwealth games government authorities must work on war scale to restore environment in and around these lakes as they could be great tourist spots for visiting foreigners during the Commonwealth Games 2010.

Also we all are aware about issue of Global Warming which is clearly dangerous for all human beings on this planet so lets plant more and more trees, spread awareness to save environment, stop anti environment activities.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Since last six month everyone is talking about global recession which started from America and affected our country India also. Our IT / BPO / KPO sector companies which are mostly dependent on West as they provide services to American MNC's are under stress due to fall in demand and credit crunch in USA.

If India wants to recover from the recession and economic slowdown and wants to become a independent nation then we should initiate ourselves towards the innovation and that too in villages. Pilot project related to Manufacturing/IT/Services/Sciences/Agriculture must be started in village where 60% to 70% population of India leaves. Not only it will help to remove unemployment but also gives more strength to our economy in long term. We should also try to create jobs for rural India by starting new projects based on R&D in villages. It is the only way to recover from Recession and save ourselves from future recessions.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Remove Corruption

Actually we all talk, discuss and highlight issue of corruption in Indian system but their is no movement or campaign is started where a group of initiators shows the example of fighting against corruption.

I think a website should be started by some good peoples/NGO/Government/private company where peoples can join free and city wise meeting must be called and every participant/registered user must be motivated that he/she will not pay bribe and highlight the problem in common meetings. The well-being of its members must be ensured and also steps should be initiated to get his/her work completed.

Here i would like to mention the example of http://www.jaagore.com. Another website is http://myidea.co.in where everyone can express his/her own views about the same.In addition to these websites we should also hold meetings and provide support for solution faced by common man when he fought against corruption.

In simple words we can say that 'Awareness is the key to solution', 'Motivation will lead to Action' and 'Society support will solve the problem'.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Holi!


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Many Heartiest Colourful Congratulations and best wishes on the auspicious festival of Holi to all readers and followers.

It is believed that Holi festival unites the separated beings, rejoins the broken hearts, removes the internal & external distances and clears the mutual misunderstandings. This festival, being a pleasant occasion of renewed love & friendship, is celebrated with fun gaiety and reverence .

These washable & removable colours every year remind us that ultimately we have to make our lives purposeful and successful by coloring ourselves with the lasting, non fading, irremovable permanent colour of " friendship, love, and social community" and say "Bura na mano HOLI HAI".

At last i would like to say play holy with natural colours and SAVE WATER.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Indian Postal Department

As the Indian Railway has its deep reach inside villages all over the India and a mass system of transport for common public the Indian Postal Services also has its network deep inside the India and a mode of communication for common man.

To renovate the postal department initiative must be taken by government so that it can give profits. Some of the ideas which can be implemented are as follows

- Provide nation wide free / chargeable access to account holders

- Money withdrawal/deposit, transfer facility (money order) to customers in any of the post office with the help of Internet

- Provide online tracking number for mails to customers which can be accessed via mobile and Internet

- Increase flexibility in saving schemes

- Better Services to the customer

- Improve internal staff efficiency 

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sri Lankan Cricket Team Attacked in Pakistan

Sinhalese Sports Club Ground Colombo Sri Lanka...

Image via Wikipedia

On Tuesday Sri Lankan is attacked when going for the third day play to Gadaffi Stadium, Lahore by 10-12 gunmen equipped with automatic rifles , hand grenades & rocket launchers.

Five players and assistant coach of Sri Lankan team injured while 8 others died. As per reports following players injured

- Mahela Jayawardena - minor cut in ankle

- Kumar Sangakkara - cut in shoulder, minor injury

- Ajantha Mendis - minor injury wound on back

- Tharanga Paranavithana - injury in chest, sent to hospital

- Thilan Samaraweera - injury in leg , taken to hospital

- Paul Farbrace (assistant coach) - minor injury in arm

The driver of the bus has really acted fast & intelligently by moving away from the place and taken it to the stadium. Bus received attack from all sides.The team is very lucky as rocket launcher and hand grenades missed the target(bus). Two car bombs also defused by security personals on site after the attack.

The attack re-drawn the picture of Mumbai terror attacks in whole world mind.

After the attack Sri Lankan team has been air-lifted and gone back in special plane to Sri Lanka.

Before the series India refused to send its team to Pakistan in view of Mumbai terror attack and threat to security of its players and team members.

Some suspected peoples have been arrested by Police for the attack.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

General Lok Sabha Polls 2009

Election Commission of India

Image via Wikipedia

Dates for 15th Lok Sabha Election has been announced by Election Commission on MOnday by Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalaswami and Election Commissioners Naveen Chawla and S Y Qureshi.

Elections will held in five phases all over the country and model code of conduct has started with immediate effect.

Dates of Election are as follows :

April 16 - First phase in 124 constituencies

April 23 - Second phase covering 141 constituencies

April 30 - Third phase in 107 constituencies

May 7 - Fourth phase across 85 constituencies

May 13 - Fifth phase in 86 constituencies

May 16 - Counting of Votes

By June 2 the 15th Lok Sabha will be constituted

The big question is will it once again be the Congress-led UPA? Or will the BJP-led NDA return to government? And who will be Next Big Boss of country Mr. Manmohan Singh again or will L K Advani Or Some third one. Many Political calculations will change this time in view of latest delimitations.

In this election two candidates are declared prime ministerial candidates, Manmohan Singh and L.K Advani.

But in one and half month till the last poll is cast the scenario will take a lot of changes and many factors will affect polling campaign. Some big issues are economic slowdown, increasing prices, corruption, etc.

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