Educational Loans

We all know about the facility of educational loans available through public/private banks in India. In last 10 years a number of peoples have availed this facility for arrangement of quality higher education for their children's especially middle class service personnel's by mortgaging their personal saving/assets in the hope that on completion of education when their wards will get good job and they will be able to repay the liability of educational loan. Currently due to global meltdown/financial crisis all the good companies have stopped their recruitments and withdrawn appointment / offers given to freshers. Today news of Satyam for deferring joining dates 9000 freshers came to picture. it is leading to unemployment and frustration for all candidates and their families. they are worried about the repayment of loan.

The most important point is that if their are no opportunities available for our young educated force what measures/policies government has framed. I think that government must give them some relaxation and private banks must be instructed that they do not use wrong methods of recovery and must give some relaxation time for repayment of loans.

If the relaxation is not provided and something goes wrong with these family/candidates then it may lead to diversion of youth into wrong / unlawful / criminal activities which will be biggest blunder for our society. We all knows very well about the danger of terrorism. Many terrorist organizations are working on their strategy to engage / recruit the trained youth for the terrorist activities so to stop and save the society Government must act fast and provide some means and ways for relaxation / repayment of loans availed by them.

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