Election Money

After announcement of general elections all political parties have started their election campaign and as per estimates on an average constituency require two - three crores rupees funds. As per rules all the candidates needs to declare their income, assets while nominating themselves and the maximum limit for election campaign per candidate is only few lakhs rupees so their are two sides of a candidate who is fighting election.

First one is legal aspect/way which is presented in front of Society/Janta/Election Commission/other concerned.

The second aspect which is much more bigger than the previous one is the Black/Illegal aspect about his assets/budget/expenditure for election. In this second aspect a big amount of money is spent on election campaign but the question is how the money is arranged and used and why the election commission is not able to track it so that guilty / leaders opting wrong way will removed from fighting election and our Political system will become an arena of clean leaders.

The above scenario shows that a big much parallel economy is working. In general local terms we call is black money which lies in the pocket of capitalist/corporate bosses/bureaucrats/political leaders which is earned through wrong ways like corruption, scams, by not paying taxes and they they deposit this money in foreign countries banks and the resources of our nation goes to other countries so all these activities must be stopped and bring all that black / illegal money into white and when this money comes into white the prosperity will automatically comes to general common man.

To bring the black money into white we need clean politics which is again dependent on black money so it shows that a complete cycle is going for which we need weapon to break and bring the path out of this black circle.

My dear friends please suggest all the ways / ideas which you think can break this cycle and bring the new path.

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