Save Aravali Hills Environment

The oldest hills of this planet the Aravali Range is affected from human activities like stone crushing, cutting of trees in forest area of Aravali, construction on large scale, mining, dispense & dumping of waste. All these activities are very dangerous for the environment of Aravali and its surrounding areas environment.

Due to too much constructions in the area like farmhouses, societies/colony/bungalows in gurgaon, faridabad the environment cycle of this area is totally imbalanced.

Some of the famous lakes/water sources like Badkhal lake, Dhauj Jheel, Surajkund Lake, Damdama Lake on the aravali range had gone dry in last five year. All these lakes are famous tourist spots and source of income for locals but now all these lakes are totally dried because of illegal mining and change of pattern in the natural drainage system. Natural drainage's are dumped with waste material which affected ground water flow. The only source of water for these lakes are rain water and it is not reaching them because of blockage in natural drainges. Ground water recharging is badly affected due to drying of these lakes. Even the Central Empower Committee (CEC) which is empowered with satellite imagery shows that some of these lakes are full last year. some of these lakes are used for water sports and now they are like drought hit land.So mining process needs to be stopped on urgent basis in this region to save the forest and aravali hills environment. Drying of these lakes also indicates that in future ground water will be not available in this area if the relevant steps for recovery are not taken. If we start restoring the natural process it will takes at least 2-3 decades to show the result.

In view of coming commonwealth games government authorities must work on war scale to restore environment in and around these lakes as they could be great tourist spots for visiting foreigners during the Commonwealth Games 2010.

Also we all are aware about issue of Global Warming which is clearly dangerous for all human beings on this planet so lets plant more and more trees, spread awareness to save environment, stop anti environment activities.