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Happy Holi!

Image via Wikipedia Many Heartiest Colourful Congratulations and best wishes on the auspicious festival of Holi to all readers and followers.
It is believed that Holi festival unites the separated beings, rejoins the broken hearts, removes the internal & external distances and clears the mutual misunderstandings. This festival, being a pleasant occasion of renewed love & friendship, is celebrated with fun gaiety and reverence .
These washable & removable colours every year remind us that ultimately we have to make our lives purposeful and successful by coloring ourselves with the lasting, non fading, irremovable permanent colour of " friendship, love, and social community" and say "Bura na mano HOLI HAI".
At last i would like to say play holy with natural colours and SAVE WATER.


Holi, festival of colours celebrated all over India is loosing its magnificence in metropolitan cities because of busy life and non-interactivity between peoples. Everyone get him /her jailed inside home and watch TV or play games on computers or surf internet but don’t come out and celebrate while the villages celebrates the holi with great passion although some accidents happens but it doesn’t reduce the passion of peoples living in Indian villages for Holi. Even our popular TV channels doesn’t shows much about it except DD National. I hope that people will come out of their busy life and interact with each others and celebrate festivals with great passion.
Happy Holi to all of You!