Vote is the Crucial Weapon to Establish Democracy

In upcoming LS elections, each and every vote will count. This is the single most potent weapon to demand national security, guys! Everyone of us is not a soldier that we shall go and protect our borders. Let us fight with the weapon we all have: our vote.

I strongly feel that for nation's stability, weed out regional parties. Vote for a national party. The regional parties came into existence for local aspirations, good enough: no grudge against them. But what the heck they are doing here on the national scene: trying to extract their pound of flesh! They will just spoil our future in terms of national stability and progress.

I reproduce below sentiments expressed from two different sources (
(These excerpts were taken from The Tribune) in this regard:

1. Voting Mantra:
WG-CDR CL SEHGAL (retd), Jalandhar writes: "It would be a far better proposition to have a coalition of two or three bigger parties than having a conglomeration of two-dozen smaller parties, each pulling the country in a different direction. The way certain regional parties are ditching both the UPA and the NDA, the duo should stop being at each other’s throat on every issue and leave some room for reconciliation after the elections.

I would advise the voters to choose any of the mainstream national parties and reject the small regional parties. Here is a voting mantra. Vote for a national party, vote for stability, vote out smaller regional parties, vote out instability."

2. Jurists Appeal to the Voters:

Harbhagwan Singh, former Advocate-General of Punjab and Haryana; Justice P.K. Palli, former Judge of the Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh High Courts; and Jagmohan Singh, former member of the Punjab State Law Commission, in a joint statement have urged voters to elect “innovative, dedicated and transparently honest public men” to the Lok Sabha in the ensuing elections. They also exhorted the electorate to shun and oust corrupt and criminal elements from the body politic of the country.

They said the young and newly enfranchised electorate should see that the self-serving people with parochial outlook did not enter the august house of Parliament. To keep the unity and integrity of the country, it was necessary that candidates sponsored only by national parties and parties having wider representation in the country were preferred so that the tendencies leading to Balkanisation of the country were nipped in the bud.