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Ragging is a growing cause of concern in higher educational institutions of India. although the laws and rules had been made but enforcement is the area where we lost our all wickets. college authorities, staff and student representatives must work to save new/junior students from harassment. Recently the death of a medical students in ragging case at Dr. Rajendra Prasad Medical College at Himachal Pradesh had broken to sleep of concerned authorities, media, government, NGO and society. It is the most hot topic for Media. NGO's, government authorities and everyone common man is discussing about ragging issue. Even court has issued directives in this regard. UGC says the donations will be less for the institutions who will fail to stop ragging. The main thing is that after few months everyone will forget about ragging. I think solution of this problem is not in taking steps one time and sleep till the next case happens but following steps must be implemented in all higher educatio…