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Low Voting Percentage

Low voting in 3rd phase of general election 2009 is the cause of concern for all politicians, election commission, NGO and every concerned person. Various reasons are behind the same, some of them are as follows :-- Peoples don't want to vote for corrupt/criminals- Heat Wave (Rising temperature) and dusty warm air waves- Many of us think it is not important and doesn't matter if my one vote is not cast (Every vote is important)- Names shifted to some other places due to changes in electoral list and voter is unable to find where to vote?- Tactics (paying money, distributing alcohol, etc) by Political parties to stop particular type of voters from casting vote when they are sure that these vote will goes to their opponent- Boycott Call by naxalists/maoist/terrorist groups- voters are too much busy with his/her own lifeI think timing of vote must be increased because during the day timing between 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM peoples do not prefers to go out of home because of too much h…

General Lok Sabha Polls 2009

Image via Wikipedia Dates for 15th Lok Sabha Election has been announced by Election Commission on MOnday by Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalaswami and Election Commissioners Naveen Chawla and S Y Qureshi.Elections will held in five phases all over the country and model code of conduct has started with immediate effect.Dates of Election are as follows :April 16 - First phase in 124 constituenciesApril 23 - Second phase covering 141 constituencies April 30 - Third phase in 107 constituencies May 7 - Fourth phase across 85 constituencies May 13 - Fifth phase in 86 constituencies May 16 - Counting of Votes By June 2 the 15th Lok Sabha will be constituted The big question is will it once again be the Congress-led UPA? Or will the BJP-led NDA return to government? And who will be Next Big Boss of country Mr. Manmohan Singh again or will L K Advani Or Some third one. Many Political calculations will change this time in view of latest delimitations. In this election two candidates are dec…