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Environmental Changes

Due to heavy raining flood in Bihar, Assam and Orissa many peoples are dead and lakhs of peoples gets displaced while crops on lacs of hectare submerged in flood water and it is hard to estimate the loss of other assets. It is all result of wrong steps like industrialization, Cutting forests on large scale, etc. which affects the environment of our planet ‘Earth’ and we all knows about Global Warming. Even if you want to analyze, see the Mt. Everest picture of 1970 and see the picture of today, you will immediately feel the change. If we continue to play with the nature & environment of our planet it will become a danger for human beings.


Every individual should put his effort to improve the environment.


Please send me the ways how the rain water can be used so that no flood occurs and our environment did not gets affected. 

American Economy

The failure of Lehman Brothers and sale of Merrill Lynch clearly shows the picture of USA economy.


Recently US Govt. given bailout to AIG and overtaken Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley is now under the command of US administration.


It will create big unemployment in US and affect the whole world severely and if right steps are not taken by US government than definitely the whole world will face big slowdown as happened in 1930-40 when all world faced huge slowdown except Russia. This time it looks like that China will be able to beat the inflation while rest world is finding it difficult to save themselves from impact of slowdown in US economies.


Please present your views regarding same.

Speed at Google

Just few days back I updated my phone no. on my google adsense profile and as soon as I clicked on save I received a mail in my inbox about updation from google. The process is much faster than anything else. I am surprised and forced to think that how much infrastructure they have and what type of computers/servers/hardware & software they are using. It’s really awesome. Google is using latest & complex technology to provide services to its users.


I really love it.


If you want to test the speed of google just a send an email from your gmail account to some invalid gmail id and within no time you will receive delivery failure notice. Is just gives a feel that google server is sitting next to you.


Because of its hardwork and latest technology Google is market leader today.


Best of luck to Google.

New Template

Dear Friends

Just now i changed the template of my blog, please have a look at it and suggest me your views regarding same.

While changing the template  i did not face any  difficulty  except to add google search facility on my blog.

All the page elements are retained.

Thanks to google team that they have made interface so much easy that we can easily change our template.

Salute to Inspector M.C Sharma

I salute to Delhi Police Special Cell Inspector M.C Sharma who died battling the fight against terrorism. He was the winner of seven gallantry medals. He was critically injured in an encounter with Indian Mujahideen militants. For Mr. M.C Sharma Friday, the day began with a visit to a hospital to see his son who is down with dengue. He got a tip that some militants involved in recent Delhi serial blasts were holed up in Jamia Nagar.                Mr. Sharma had developed a vast network of informers who used to provide him useful tip offs.  Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, dressed in a kurta-pyajama, was killed as three terrorists suddenly came out from another room in the fourth floor flat and opened fire. He is not wearing a Bullet Proof Jacket.   A significant cache of arms, including an AK-47, pistols, six mobile phones and several SIM cards along with two laptops were seized from the three bedrooms flat. The availability of AK-47, pistols proves that these are the terrorist not the innocent peoples as claimed by some people.

At last I would like to say that everyone should come forward to support his family in each and every way. May God give the strength to family to bear this shock.

Security Cover in India

After recent bomb blast in Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Jaipur it is very clear that internal security cover and intelligence network have been clearly thrashed by Islamic Jihadis organization getting support of Pakistan. Intelligence Bureau and RAW (Research & Analysis Wing) is totally failed.  Even failure of intelligence is admitted by our Prime Minister also. Now the Security and Intelligence agencies needs to totally update / change their style of working and even make great changes in system to get them ahead of terrorist. They should use latest technology and strengthen themselves at root level / lower levels. While the budget of these agencies are going up every year the result are not known and existence of corruption need not to be mentioned.

Indian Police should also have integrated nationwide database of criminals & suspects, sensitive places / localities which must be at least accessible to each and every Superintendent of Police with the help of internet/mobile. Police of each state must be connected to the above mentioned database. Intelligence agencies should also develop some kind of information database for them and should try to engage informer/partners at root levels. Government should make some law & policies (like POTA) which empowers security and intelligence agencies to curb terrorist and criminals. Political system should not be an obstacle in fight against terrorism. The above project must be implemented on war scale and within mentioned time frame and we knows that as much we delay the project, that will affect security of our country. Corruption needs to be handled in a bigger way.

On news website I read that in an encounter with terrorist at Delhi, two policemen’s of Delhi Police Special Cell got injured, one of whom is inspector leading the team and other is head constable. Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma got bullet in abdomen while head constable has a gunshot injury in arm. I don’t understand why they have been not provided Bullet Proof Jackets even when they belongs to special cell and one of the injured is officer leading the team. Crores of rupees are spent on modernization of police as per the statement of politicians/government leaders, where they have gone.

I think the encounter is not well planned because it had been carried in daylight in residential area and that’s why two terrorist managed to escape. Why the area is not properly covered, is proper manpower is not available with police or the department don’t have encounter strategy experts with them.

There is also a big demand since last 2-3 years that a central agency is required for co-ordination / monitoring between various State Police to remove communication gap, ego problems and other departmental issues. But no decision had been taken yet even though we have lost so many life’s at Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi. If the decision is related to some big person / VIP / Politician, it will have been taken on very urgent basis but why not for common citizen. Their must be some discussions between state police heads at regular intervals and the lower ranks officials discussions must should also be their at mentioned time period to increase co-operation.

Lets see what happens in near future.

Don’t forget to mention your views regarding the same.

Indian Cinema – (Bollywood)

Who is the best actor in Indian Cinema/Bollywood?


The Big B (Amitabh Bachhan) – The pulse of millions hearts (The millennium Star whose long journey with through gentleness differentiates him from others and gives him a unique posture). Some of his famous movies are Zanjeer, Deewar, Laawaris, Coolie, Shahenshah,  Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham,  Baghban and the list is endless.


Small B (Abhishek Bachhan) – The son of our great actor Amitabh Bachhan and heroine Jaya Bahaduri and grandson of poet Shri Harvansh Rai Bachhan have given many successful and interesting movies. Some good movies are Yuva, Dhoom, Bunty Aur Babli, Sarkar, Guru, Sarkar Raj, ……….


SRK (ShahRukh Khan) – The King Khan is termed as a hardworking and won hearts of many by giving superhits like Dilwala Dulhaniya La Jayaga,  Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Chak De India, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham,  Om Shanti Om …….


Aamir Khan – The Actor cum Director always throws successful hits like Lagaan and Taare Zameen Par.


Akshay Kumar – After great success of Singh is King is in limelight now a days, he always present action thrillers.


And may be some more characters are their in this list.

Delhi Blasts

The recent attack by terrorist on Saturday in Delhi has opened the pole of all intelligence and security agencies. In printing media I read that the bomb blast claimed by Indian Mujahideen / SIMI is part of their operation BAD (B for Bangalore, A for Ahmedabad and D for Delhi) and the used commonly available explosive material and used modern technology / computers to send terror emails.


And the after comments of Politicians for justice are totally false. We know the cases of Jaipur, Bangalore and Ahmedabad. Government have announced some financial help for the victims but we know that it will not reach on time nor the complete amount. Various peoples involved in the process of claim eats money and very small amount reaches to needy/victims due to big official formalities.


Again every common man should come forward to provide his co-operation to curb these terrorist activities. We all should stay alert.

2008 RAIN

This year monsoon is very good all over India and especially in North India, I hope that crops will be very good this season. I want to mention / discuss regarding the raining/monsoon in our country on following points:


If we could harvest rain water it will solve the all problem of water faced by every citizen especially in summers. But as per my knowledge we are not looking forward in this direction neither the government had made any rule and regulation regarding rain water harvesting nor any NGO is working in this direction.  We generally construct houses starting from 20 sq. yards to 1000 sq. yards and spent between 3-5 lacs to 15–25 crores for construction of house but never we thinks about creating a system for rain water harvesting and the same water blocks the drainage system and due to that water gets lodged on roads .


We have seen and experienced many problems due to logged water on each and every roads and our daily routine gets highly affected due to same. The solution is to make proper drainage system and the regular maintenance / cleaning of drainage system must be in place. High quality roads must be constructed in scientific manner overtaking the corruption involved so that they do not brake in rainy season.

·        Flood Control

If we use the rain water in scientific way then we can also save loss of life and asset happens due to floods in rainy season, as happened this in Bihar and Assam.

·        INFLATION

Inflation will come under control up to some extent as predicted by our some economy financial experts.


 I am sure that if we take imitative about above mentioned points it will provide so too benefits to our nation.


Kindly suggest me more points for the same.

India Joins NSG

India Clinched the NSG wavier on Saturday, 6th September, 2008 at Vienna ending 34 years ban after it conducted nuclear test at Pokhran in 1976. The deal started when 123 agreement signed between India and United States of America by Prime Minister Manmohan singh and President George Bush, after that it cleared the IAEA safeguards and then reached the NSG group (text of the waiver is not kno

wn so far) . Now after getting NSG waiver it will again reach America for final changes in Indo-US Nuclear deal and if everything goes right, then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President George Bush will sign the agreement. Now the main concerns are what impact it will have on Hyde Act and what terms & conditions are their in NSG (Nuclear Supplier Group) Decision. It is not known to all Indians that what will happen if India conducts a nuclear test in coming future as Madam Rice said to media that it was highly unlikely that India would test again and jeopardize the exemption granted it by the NSG. We all know that NSG was set up against India after Pokhran test in 1974.


UPA Government continuously telling the peoples that deal is beneficial for country and no compromise have been done with regard to interest & security of our nation which is purely fictitious truth. While whole world is looking this nuclear deal as a non proliferation issue congress government is projecting it as Energy Security for India. We all have seen the external policies of congress government and the latest example is Opposition from China.


Few days back secret letter leaked from State department of US confirms it. Let’s suppose that reactors are supplied to India at the cost of billion dollars but without guarantee of getting supply of uranium. Also we could not reprocess radioactive waste which stays for 10000 years. What impact it will have on our environment. How the Indian government could forget the case of Tarapur Plant.


It looks like that we are buying a hostage situation for the nation by paying our own money. It also raises a doubt that may be some moles of other countries are in dictating position in power.


If we will invest that much amount / money into some alternative energy source research that will bring employment to so many youths of our country plus confidence increase moral of our scientist and make path for future generation. We can present an example in front of whole world instead of following to some particular developed nation like a slave.

The above article is purely based on my observations and knowledge and may be some facts are wrong and i welcome all correction in above open heartedly.

It's OUR Time Now: Youth and Politics

It's OUR Time Now: Youth and Politics

Industrial projects (SEZ)

In last two three years three is too much written, shown and published in print and electronic media about land acquisition for big industrial projects, SEZ etc. Most common of these are Nandigram SEZ, TATA Nano motor plant at Singur, Reliance SEZ in Haryana, SEZ projects in Goa, etc. Few months back a big padal yatra held through many states reaching Delhi protesting against acquisition of land.


The main thing which comes to my mind why always fertile and productive land is used for industrial/commercial projects. Whenever fertile land is acquired , farmers gets unemployed and seek small service opportunity in industrial / commercial projects setup on their land.


A good solution of above is to use non-fertile land for industrial and commercial projects.  Acquisition of Non-productive land will give our country two tier profit system. While on one side it will not affect food production (which is already under pressure) and did not spreads unemployment in farmers on the other side it will use non fertile land and produce employment means double employment generation. Farmers who are already farming will work in their farms and rest unemployed peoples will work in industrial/commercial projects setup on non fertile land but the biggest hurdle in implementation of above is Corruption, Political wishes of our leaders and loopholes in system.


Since the announcement of TATA regarding closing of Nano plant in Singur everyone seems to be in favour of TATA’s but no one is saying why they are using fertile land? Previously everyone is saying and standing in favour of farmers.

Faridabad Roads

Due to heavy rain since last two months all the roads of Faridabad city have broken from many places and clearly tell the story of corruption. Bad quality of material, wrong tactics in construction of roads and approach to benefit individuals through in whole process are main reasons behind it. Water gets lodged on road and roads breaks downs. Although every city had bad roads due to rain, even our capital Delhi also but media covers the capital but forgotten to do the same for Faridabad. Crores of rupees are spent on construction of roads but none of the government organization cares for disposal of water when water gets lodged on roads due to heavy rains. It is not only government agencies who are responsible for it but every individual citizen is also responsible for the same. Every shopkeeper, home owner, etc. make a encroachment in front of his shop and home and cover the sewerage drains and waste water exit points which is the main reason of water lodging.


I request every individual to come forward which gives us a comfort at last.