Faridabad Roads

Due to heavy rain since last two months all the roads of Faridabad city have broken from many places and clearly tell the story of corruption. Bad quality of material, wrong tactics in construction of roads and approach to benefit individuals through in whole process are main reasons behind it. Water gets lodged on road and roads breaks downs. Although every city had bad roads due to rain, even our capital Delhi also but media covers the capital but forgotten to do the same for Faridabad. Crores of rupees are spent on construction of roads but none of the government organization cares for disposal of water when water gets lodged on roads due to heavy rains. It is not only government agencies who are responsible for it but every individual citizen is also responsible for the same. Every shopkeeper, home owner, etc. make a encroachment in front of his shop and home and cover the sewerage drains and waste water exit points which is the main reason of water lodging.


I request every individual to come forward which gives us a comfort at last.


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