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Nuclear Deal

The congress party is highlighting the nuclear deal as a big achievement in their election campaign and the BJP is saying that they have started this process. As per my knowledge India is going to spent billions on this deal in coming decades and even after spending this much huge amount the nation will be not standing on its own feet's because of dependency on other countries. If India have spent 25% amount of nuclear deal on Research & Development (R&D) of alternative energy sources, millions of jobs will be created and long term establishment will come to nation. The R&D will raise the morale of common man and our international image will definitely get more strength. In future by exporting the researched technology we can increase the national revenues by many folds. And by starting research we will be able to research & launch environment friendly products / resources for generation of energy / power, which will be great for whole world in view of increasing effect of Global Warming and declining environment. Also the research activity and the production of researched products of commercial scale will give employment opportunities for peoples and we will have our own model of renovation which will be followed by other nation instead that we are following the model of some other developed nations. Let our nation become the leader and not the follower. We have the talent, resources, will power and everything which a nation requires to move ahead.

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India Joins NSG

India Clinched the NSG wavier on Saturday, 6th September, 2008 at Vienna ending 34 years ban after it conducted nuclear test at Pokhran in 1976. The deal started when 123 agreement signed between India and United States of America by Prime Minister Manmohan singh and President George Bush, after that it cleared the IAEA safeguards and then reached the NSG group (text of the waiver is not kno

wn so far) . Now after getting NSG waiver it will again reach America for final changes in Indo-US Nuclear deal and if everything goes right, then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President George Bush will sign the agreement. Now the main concerns are what impact it will have on Hyde Act and what terms & conditions are their in NSG (Nuclear Supplier Group) Decision. It is not known to all Indians that what will happen if India conducts a nuclear test in coming future as Madam Rice said to media that it was highly unlikely that India would test again and jeopardize the exemption granted it by the NSG. We all know that NSG was set up against India after Pokhran test in 1974.


UPA Government continuously telling the peoples that deal is beneficial for country and no compromise have been done with regard to interest & security of our nation which is purely fictitious truth. While whole world is looking this nuclear deal as a non proliferation issue congress government is projecting it as Energy Security for India. We all have seen the external policies of congress government and the latest example is Opposition from China.


Few days back secret letter leaked from State department of US confirms it. Let’s suppose that reactors are supplied to India at the cost of billion dollars but without guarantee of getting supply of uranium. Also we could not reprocess radioactive waste which stays for 10000 years. What impact it will have on our environment. How the Indian government could forget the case of Tarapur Plant.


It looks like that we are buying a hostage situation for the nation by paying our own money. It also raises a doubt that may be some moles of other countries are in dictating position in power.


If we will invest that much amount / money into some alternative energy source research that will bring employment to so many youths of our country plus confidence increase moral of our scientist and make path for future generation. We can present an example in front of whole world instead of following to some particular developed nation like a slave.

The above article is purely based on my observations and knowledge and may be some facts are wrong and i welcome all correction in above open heartedly.