My Friends

Dear Friends

I am thankful to all of you for being with me continuously (through my blog ) i.e. everymatter.

My friends are:

  1. Aldwin
  2. The Royal Speaker
  3. hullaballoo24x7
  4. Live and Let Live
  5. TheAirPower
  6. Tanuj

Hope the network will grow more.

Thanks once again to all friends



  1. Sweet of you Sandeep. Will always support you. By the way my request is if u find any ads in my site just click them and so will i and i have clicked too. Thanks in advance...

  2. I have added you to my blog list too. Check out my blog. Hope you click on ads displayed in mine and so am i doing in yours. Even check my other blog. U have the link in the side bar.

  3. Interesting blog you have here. I would like to invite you to join my contest @ my blog for a chance to win a free blog review from me. You should subscribe to my rss feed by email and let me know you have by commenting under the "Giveaway" post or emailing me and notifying you have entered the contest. Happy Blogging!

  4. Please do update me when ever you click on the ads. I click on yours when ever i come online. Expecting the same from you.

  5. Hi. Thank you my friend, I appreciate that you are giving me this favor. I return I have clicked your adds. Don't worry, I am thinking of good way on how can I promote your blog to my friends too.

    Yours sincerely