Salute to Inspector M.C Sharma

I salute to Delhi Police Special Cell Inspector M.C Sharma who died battling the fight against terrorism. He was the winner of seven gallantry medals. He was critically injured in an encounter with Indian Mujahideen militants. For Mr. M.C Sharma Friday, the day began with a visit to a hospital to see his son who is down with dengue. He got a tip that some militants involved in recent Delhi serial blasts were holed up in Jamia Nagar.                Mr. Sharma had developed a vast network of informers who used to provide him useful tip offs.  Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, dressed in a kurta-pyajama, was killed as three terrorists suddenly came out from another room in the fourth floor flat and opened fire. He is not wearing a Bullet Proof Jacket.   A significant cache of arms, including an AK-47, pistols, six mobile phones and several SIM cards along with two laptops were seized from the three bedrooms flat. The availability of AK-47, pistols proves that these are the terrorist not the innocent peoples as claimed by some people.

At last I would like to say that everyone should come forward to support his family in each and every way. May God give the strength to family to bear this shock.

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