Security Cover in India

After recent bomb blast in Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Jaipur it is very clear that internal security cover and intelligence network have been clearly thrashed by Islamic Jihadis organization getting support of Pakistan. Intelligence Bureau and RAW (Research & Analysis Wing) is totally failed.  Even failure of intelligence is admitted by our Prime Minister also. Now the Security and Intelligence agencies needs to totally update / change their style of working and even make great changes in system to get them ahead of terrorist. They should use latest technology and strengthen themselves at root level / lower levels. While the budget of these agencies are going up every year the result are not known and existence of corruption need not to be mentioned.

Indian Police should also have integrated nationwide database of criminals & suspects, sensitive places / localities which must be at least accessible to each and every Superintendent of Police with the help of internet/mobile. Police of each state must be connected to the above mentioned database. Intelligence agencies should also develop some kind of information database for them and should try to engage informer/partners at root levels. Government should make some law & policies (like POTA) which empowers security and intelligence agencies to curb terrorist and criminals. Political system should not be an obstacle in fight against terrorism. The above project must be implemented on war scale and within mentioned time frame and we knows that as much we delay the project, that will affect security of our country. Corruption needs to be handled in a bigger way.

On news website I read that in an encounter with terrorist at Delhi, two policemen’s of Delhi Police Special Cell got injured, one of whom is inspector leading the team and other is head constable. Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma got bullet in abdomen while head constable has a gunshot injury in arm. I don’t understand why they have been not provided Bullet Proof Jackets even when they belongs to special cell and one of the injured is officer leading the team. Crores of rupees are spent on modernization of police as per the statement of politicians/government leaders, where they have gone.

I think the encounter is not well planned because it had been carried in daylight in residential area and that’s why two terrorist managed to escape. Why the area is not properly covered, is proper manpower is not available with police or the department don’t have encounter strategy experts with them.

There is also a big demand since last 2-3 years that a central agency is required for co-ordination / monitoring between various State Police to remove communication gap, ego problems and other departmental issues. But no decision had been taken yet even though we have lost so many life’s at Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi. If the decision is related to some big person / VIP / Politician, it will have been taken on very urgent basis but why not for common citizen. Their must be some discussions between state police heads at regular intervals and the lower ranks officials discussions must should also be their at mentioned time period to increase co-operation.

Lets see what happens in near future.

Don’t forget to mention your views regarding the same.


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