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Industrial projects (SEZ)

In last two three years three is too much written, shown and published in print and electronic media about land acquisition for big industrial projects, SEZ etc. Most common of these are Nandigram SEZ, TATA Nano motor plant at Singur, Reliance SEZ in Haryana, SEZ projects in Goa, etc. Few months back a big padal yatra held through many states reaching Delhi protesting against acquisition of land.


The main thing which comes to my mind why always fertile and productive land is used for industrial/commercial projects. Whenever fertile land is acquired , farmers gets unemployed and seek small service opportunity in industrial / commercial projects setup on their land.


A good solution of above is to use non-fertile land for industrial and commercial projects.  Acquisition of Non-productive land will give our country two tier profit system. While on one side it will not affect food production (which is already under pressure) and did not spreads unemployment in farmers on the other side it will use non fertile land and produce employment means double employment generation. Farmers who are already farming will work in their farms and rest unemployed peoples will work in industrial/commercial projects setup on non fertile land but the biggest hurdle in implementation of above is Corruption, Political wishes of our leaders and loopholes in system.


Since the announcement of TATA regarding closing of Nano plant in Singur everyone seems to be in favour of TATA’s but no one is saying why they are using fertile land? Previously everyone is saying and standing in favour of farmers.