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Google Ocean

Image via CrunchBase Recently Google launched its product for watching oceans with the help of marine experts from National Geographic and BBC. To go through oceans you just need to download the Google Earth 5.0 on your PC and travels across the world oceans. You can learn about ocean climate, species and check for hot spot travels places. Really Google is leading the technology to new edges.Related articles by ZemantaGoogle Earth Shows Ocean Depths, Martian Peaks and Goes Back in Time (

Speed at Google

Just few days back I updated my phone no. on my google adsense profile and as soon as I clicked on save I received a mail in my inbox about updation from google. The process is much faster than anything else. I am surprised and forced to think that how much infrastructure they have and what type of computers/servers/hardware & software they are using. It’s really awesome. Google is using latest & complex technology to provide services to its users. I really love it.If you want to test the speed of google just a send an email from your gmail account to some invalid gmail id and within no time you will receive delivery failure notice. Is just gives a feel that google server is sitting next to you.Because of its hardwork and latest technology Google is market leader today.Best of luck to Google.