Career Oppourunities

India is a growing country on the basis of its youth power, knowledge, natural resources and many more things. India will be a super power in coming decade and all over the world Indian Doctors and Engineers are known for their talent. Indian analyst, economist, educators are known throughout the world. Currently Engineering and Medical degrees are hot profession in Indian market especially for wealthy parents. Sports is a are in some town of India where children's and parents choose it as a career. 

After engineering and medical teaching is a profession which had gained popularity because of lucrative opportunities available in this sector. In 90's decade MBA is a hot career segment and in coming decades many options exist in manufacturing sector because of Make In India initiative by Indian Government. The environmental protection is gaining popularity worldwide and may become very hot career segment after 2-3  decades. 

Few days back in a newspaper i read about Defence production in India has ample scope of growing because Mr. Modi had a focus on completing India's defence needs through its production and technology. If everything goes right than definitely it is going to be a lucrative field which will bring many new jobs. 

Marketing, Finance are field where some job exist and automotive sector still need total conversion in terms of technology to become a hot sector for job market.


Prosperity in Coming World

Life is a journey in which people get success on the basis of their wealth, knowledge and power. Money and knowledge are interlinked, if you had knowledge in modern world you can gain/earn money and it is common saying that if you had money you can buy knowledge. Many successful person's of 70's and 80's era are full of practical knowledge but less educated but in 90's era the educated peoples had started dominating the list  of successful stories. 

In coming decades it seems that the peoples with good education will definitely cross the obstacles and contribute to make human life more purposeful and good. Education is a great tool helps everybody to gain knowledge. Technology will definitely help next generations to spread and learn education. Here it is important to mention that to take education you must spend money which is a very big obstacle for poor peoples. Government and social welfare organizations are definitely doing well on path of giving education to poor communities but still many more miles still need to be covered which is a matter of worry. In Modern world  education is highly commercialized which must be handled by making appropriate laws, rules etc. by government. To provide quality education to poor peoples a total overhaul change is required in educational system.

Also people with good money must come forward to use their money for betterment of all human beings/poor peoples. Peoples who have powers in their hand must make right use of it to make this world a better place of living. They must develop laws, policies and system which brings more prosperity and development to all human kinds instead of making one man wealthy while making poor to other. The use of knowledge, money and power should be in a direction which provides fertility to whole mankind instead of making/creating difference between them.


Now November has started and cold air waves of winters are flowing in morning and evening. Temperature is decreasing slowly with every passing day. Generally our senior citizens say that in the era of 80’s when they are young winters starts early in the month of October and by November environment change completely. Fans are switched off in August end or in 1st week of September only. Windows are cover in October. Full warm clothes are in use by everybody in November. Even some senior citizens say that they use blankets when watching RAMLEELA  and warm up themselves by burning fire while returning home after the show. As per my childhood memories we never used FAN on Diwali and used to buy new warm clothes like sweater, cap, socks before diwali as shoping of Diwali. Also in winters now air is more polluted because increased moisture in air which leads to intermixing of dust particles with pollution and these heavy particles remains  at low levels in air causing diseases problem of eyes, nose and throat. Asthma patient really has big problem during this type of weather.
Winters come late, ends early because climate is changing with every passing decade. Reasons of climate change are known to all of us and we all are responsible for this. The problem and its solution are in our own hands. We must try to use more public conveyance and must tries to secure green area of our cities and many other small steps needs to be taken to save environment otherwise we will lose the golden thing (our environment) and don’t have anything to give to our coming generations. SAVE ENVIRONMENT, SAVE EARTH.



A indispensable tool of today life of modern world. A basic need of all human beings now-a-days. Some examples when you need your mobile in your regular life :-
-          You need it to place order of eatables
-          You  need it when milkman is absent
-          You need it when rickshaw pooler is late.
-          You need it when school bus of your ward is not on time
-          You need it for recovery of email password
-          You need it as a torch when power fails
-          You need it to check time
-          You need it as a alarm
-          You need it to know bank balances and make transactions

Mobile has tremendously made our life easy and increased mobility by many folds. We can say that mobile is supporting us as a personal assistant. 

In coming decades it may be used to open locks of your homes, offices, shops, car and bikes. It will also work as a remote of multiple devices used in our day to day life. It will carry the complete health information of a person. It will also perform many other tasks and may help to reduce the movement of humans and the above changes will have both positive as well as negative impact on human generation. 


Love is Sex? Or Sex is Love?

It is a big question because when we are in love with some opposite gender our heart and mind wishes to have physical relation with that person. The activity of physical relations is termed as Sex. When anybody passes through physical relations activity a very emotional feeling flows through heart, mind and whole body of a person and it may be treated as love.

The other angle of love and sex depend son age of person’s involved in the relation. If they are new young teenagers they will have more attraction towards physical relations or simply say Sex because of hormonal changes in their body and it is a new world for them however if both partners are of middle age group they will be also wishing for physical relations as well as emotional bonding between them. If partners are in their 40’s they have more emotional and social bonding between them and less physical relations and if partners are in 50’s then there are more than 90% social and emotional bonding and only 10% chances of physical relations because in 50’s normally hormones and body of human being are on declining path and energy levels is less than young age teenagers. So we can say that age is a very big factor deciding about LOVE AND SEX. As per age of persons involved it has different meaning and definition of LOVE AND SEX for them.


In today fast moving world of metro cities normally nuclear family exist and in villages also culture of nuclear families is common but some big families exist as a exception. In nuclear families husband, wife and their small studying children’s are members of family. When children’s goes out of home for higher studies and then for search of career only husband and wife will remain in this nuclear family. The important point is how much values any child got from his family environment whether good or bad. When any topic good, bad, social, private, etc. are discussed children’s observe this type of discussion between parents. They go through listening talks of family friends and also now a days television(TV), internet and mobile makes a important impression on their minds. In today’s busy life do we get time to give good moral values to our children’s? We hardly get any time to visit temple regularly and not able to pray in front of God in morning because husband and wife both are working. When we ourselves not spare time for prayers and spiritual activities at home how our children’s will move forward in life without religious thoughts and spiritualism. As spiritualism not give us mental piece in time of problem but also generates courage in a person. How we will inculcate good moral values in them? Is it the sole responsibilities of school and its teachers?
As per my personal views Television, Internet and mobiles must be put to use in right direction and if good moral TV shows and spiritual channels seen by the whole family it will make a very right impact on the next generation. Also internet has lot of moral and spiritual text, audio, graphics and videos which can be studied and seen online by whole family. The same rule applies to mobile also.
If possible every family member must try to visit their place of worship at least once a week and take children’s with them so that our children’s get good moral values.  If we give good values to our next generation only then our society will be a good society.


Suicide is a social problem increasing everyday in our society because of busy and fast life. Peoples don’t get enough time to know the problems of each other or in their surroundings. Each person is busy in completing his/her responsibilities of day to day life. Students commit suicide because of failure in exam and sometimes due to breakup with their so called girl friends.
A working person commits suicide when he/she fails to perform in their service or business. Financial failures are also a very important factor for suicide problem. In India our farmers also commit suicide because of loans, monsoon problem, crop diseases etc.
The biggest havoc happens when whole family takes this blunt step to save them from social insult because they are not able to meet their minimum living requirement and here we need to search the solution against theory of “Only best fittest will survive”.
Crime against women’s in our society forces them for suicide when our society, administration, government and justice system delays the help to them and many times fails to punish the guilty. Victim takes this step only when he faces social boycott from family, friends and relatives.
To stop the problem of suicide interrelations between every human beings must be made very strong so that whenever anybody feels any wrong kind of pressure he/she may immediately discuss it with the other people in their surroundings. We must make sure that if anyone in our network is in problem, help must reach them on urgent basis in form of physical, mental, social and financial levels so that the problem of suicide can be stopped. Government should also start counseling for this problem by providing help through internet, toll free telephone lines, counseling centre’s etc.  Our NGO’s must come forwards and every individual must be attentive towards their surroundings to remove and stop these types of accidents.