In today fast moving world of metro cities normally nuclear family exist and in villages also culture of nuclear families is common but some big families exist as a exception. In nuclear families husband, wife and their small studying children’s are members of family. When children’s goes out of home for higher studies and then for search of career only husband and wife will remain in this nuclear family. The important point is how much values any child got from his family environment whether good or bad. When any topic good, bad, social, private, etc. are discussed children’s observe this type of discussion between parents. They go through listening talks of family friends and also now a days television(TV), internet and mobile makes a important impression on their minds. In today’s busy life do we get time to give good moral values to our children’s? We hardly get any time to visit temple regularly and not able to pray in front of God in morning because husband and wife both are working. When we ourselves not spare time for prayers and spiritual activities at home how our children’s will move forward in life without religious thoughts and spiritualism. As spiritualism not give us mental piece in time of problem but also generates courage in a person. How we will inculcate good moral values in them? Is it the sole responsibilities of school and its teachers?
As per my personal views Television, Internet and mobiles must be put to use in right direction and if good moral TV shows and spiritual channels seen by the whole family it will make a very right impact on the next generation. Also internet has lot of moral and spiritual text, audio, graphics and videos which can be studied and seen online by whole family. The same rule applies to mobile also.
If possible every family member must try to visit their place of worship at least once a week and take children’s with them so that our children’s get good moral values.  If we give good values to our next generation only then our society will be a good society.