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Career Oppourunities

India is a growing country on the basis of its youth power, knowledge, natural resources and many more things. India will be a super power in coming decade and all over the world Indian Doctors and Engineers are known for their talent. Indian analyst, economist, educators are known throughout the world. Currently Engineering and Medical degrees are hot profession in Indian market especially for wealthy parents. Sports is a are in some town of India where children's and parents choose it as a career. 

After engineering and medical teaching is a profession which had gained popularity because of lucrative opportunities available in this sector. In 90's decade MBA is a hot career segment and in coming decades many options exist in manufacturing sector because of Make In India initiative by Indian Government. The environmental protection is gaining popularity worldwide and may become very hot career segment after 2-3  decades. 

Few days back in a newspaper i read about Defence production in India has ample scope of growing because Mr. Modi had a focus on completing India's defence needs through its production and technology. If everything goes right than definitely it is going to be a lucrative field which will bring many new jobs. 

Marketing, Finance are field where some job exist and automotive sector still need total conversion in terms of technology to become a hot sector for job market.


Air chief PV Naik in favour of flexing missile power - Hindustan Times

Air chief PV Naik in favour of flexing missile power - Hindustan Times

Yes I am agree to the point of Air Chief, India should built long range missiles but in phase wise manner of 3-4 years but it must ensure that the project gets completed in specified / planned time frame because generally all the project of Indian Research are very late increasing cost and reducing their importance and worth.

India must try to sell its technology to the needed country like its counterpart part US, Russia, China and others are doing as selling of arms & technology will give boost of Indian Economy and provide us funds for future research programs. It will also attract our talented minds to stay in India which will further strengthen the foundation of country.

Definitely India should not have first strike policy but must be capable of answering any wrong initiative of enemy.

We have the second biggest Army in the world but it seems that this army is without teeth, having big shortage of officers the steps must be taken to ensure that we have strong plans, manpower and modern ways of defence equipment & technology with us to show the World.

It must be ensure that while developing our nation we remain focused on our environment.