Love is Sex? Or Sex is Love?

It is a big question because when we are in love with some opposite gender our heart and mind wishes to have physical relation with that person. The activity of physical relations is termed as Sex. When anybody passes through physical relations activity a very emotional feeling flows through heart, mind and whole body of a person and it may be treated as love.

The other angle of love and sex depend son age of person’s involved in the relation. If they are new young teenagers they will have more attraction towards physical relations or simply say Sex because of hormonal changes in their body and it is a new world for them however if both partners are of middle age group they will be also wishing for physical relations as well as emotional bonding between them. If partners are in their 40’s they have more emotional and social bonding between them and less physical relations and if partners are in 50’s then there are more than 90% social and emotional bonding and only 10% chances of physical relations because in 50’s normally hormones and body of human being are on declining path and energy levels is less than young age teenagers. So we can say that age is a very big factor deciding about LOVE AND SEX. As per age of persons involved it has different meaning and definition of LOVE AND SEX for them.