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A good employer is not just the person who makes good profit from his business using his manpower resources at its best. He/She also keep in mind about the job satisfaction, career growth and development of his employees.
Generally a good employer do followings -
1. Discuss about the growth of company and its manpower with his employees
2. Encounter problems of the organisation
3. Motivates the manpower
4. Supports his employees in tough times to the best of his capacities
5. Creative arrangements at workplace
6. Make the workplace enjoyable and attractive for employees
7. Make his best tries for growth of employees
8. Creates a sense of togetherness between organization and its employees
9. Making policies which are useful for company, clients, partners and its employees

Career Oppourunities

India is a growing country on the basis of its youth power, knowledge, natural resources and many more things. India will be a super power in coming decade and all over the world Indian Doctors and Engineers are known for their talent. Indian analyst, economist, educators are known throughout the world. Currently Engineering and Medical degrees are hot profession in Indian market especially for wealthy parents. Sports is a are in some town of India where children's and parents choose it as a career. 

After engineering and medical teaching is a profession which had gained popularity because of lucrative opportunities available in this sector. In 90's decade MBA is a hot career segment and in coming decades many options exist in manufacturing sector because of Make In India initiative by Indian Government. The environmental protection is gaining popularity worldwide and may become very hot career segment after 2-3  decades. 

Few days back in a newspaper i read about Defence production in India has ample scope of growing because Mr. Modi had a focus on completing India's defence needs through its production and technology. If everything goes right than definitely it is going to be a lucrative field which will bring many new jobs. 

Marketing, Finance are field where some job exist and automotive sector still need total conversion in terms of technology to become a hot sector for job market.


Recession in India

In view of election highlights by political parties and media we all have forgotten the problem of recession/global meltdown. I think in view of coming election government did not presented the clear picture of global recession to the nation and by use of government machinery put the pink slip process on hold as happened in the case of Jet airways. As per my views all the big companies/organizations are under pressure from government not to fire their employees and after new governments formed in centre, it will officially declare the recession in India and then the actual process of firing / cost cutting in companies will start which will increase the unemployment and we all knows that these corrupt and greedy leaders in association with bureaucrats don't have any plans to provide means of survival to the unemployed talented youths.

Profits of all the major MNC's operating in India have declined in recent quarters due to downward trend in financial scenario of whole world. Various measures are already put in place by all companies to cut down their cost. The major arm of cost cutting i.e. reducing staff will start as soon as new government takes place and all the political parties will start blaming each others for these unemployment scenario.

So dear friends please make sure you save at least 20%-25% of your earning so that you have sufficient resources required in bad time (may god save all from these bad time). Update yourself, sharp your skills, increase your talent so that your career goes upward.


The most important thing for anyone career. If you don’t have proper qualification and working hard you may not reach the level where you can reach with qualified degrees. Experience definitely counts but qualification is the basic criteria to rise in service sector, it is my personal feeling because in my organization I am among the most hard working employees and keeps every confidential records. My workload level is also very high and my colleagues/Seniors are working on the same thing which I works but they withdraw almost 3-4 times higher salary in comparison to me and that’s because of difference in level of education if you have good educational degree in your hand you will reach high.

So at last I say that education is the most necessary part of life for everyone.