Suicide is a social problem increasing everyday in our society because of busy and fast life. Peoples don’t get enough time to know the problems of each other or in their surroundings. Each person is busy in completing his/her responsibilities of day to day life. Students commit suicide because of failure in exam and sometimes due to breakup with their so called girl friends.
A working person commits suicide when he/she fails to perform in their service or business. Financial failures are also a very important factor for suicide problem. In India our farmers also commit suicide because of loans, monsoon problem, crop diseases etc.
The biggest havoc happens when whole family takes this blunt step to save them from social insult because they are not able to meet their minimum living requirement and here we need to search the solution against theory of “Only best fittest will survive”.
Crime against women’s in our society forces them for suicide when our society, administration, government and justice system delays the help to them and many times fails to punish the guilty. Victim takes this step only when he faces social boycott from family, friends and relatives.
To stop the problem of suicide interrelations between every human beings must be made very strong so that whenever anybody feels any wrong kind of pressure he/she may immediately discuss it with the other people in their surroundings. We must make sure that if anyone in our network is in problem, help must reach them on urgent basis in form of physical, mental, social and financial levels so that the problem of suicide can be stopped. Government should also start counseling for this problem by providing help through internet, toll free telephone lines, counseling centre’s etc.  Our NGO’s must come forwards and every individual must be attentive towards their surroundings to remove and stop these types of accidents.