Prosperity in Coming World

Life is a journey in which people get success on the basis of their wealth, knowledge and power. Money and knowledge are interlinked, if you had knowledge in modern world you can gain/earn money and it is common saying that if you had money you can buy knowledge. Many successful person's of 70's and 80's era are full of practical knowledge but less educated but in 90's era the educated peoples had started dominating the list  of successful stories. 

In coming decades it seems that the peoples with good education will definitely cross the obstacles and contribute to make human life more purposeful and good. Education is a great tool helps everybody to gain knowledge. Technology will definitely help next generations to spread and learn education. Here it is important to mention that to take education you must spend money which is a very big obstacle for poor peoples. Government and social welfare organizations are definitely doing well on path of giving education to poor communities but still many more miles still need to be covered which is a matter of worry. In Modern world  education is highly commercialized which must be handled by making appropriate laws, rules etc. by government. To provide quality education to poor peoples a total overhaul change is required in educational system.

Also people with good money must come forward to use their money for betterment of all human beings/poor peoples. Peoples who have powers in their hand must make right use of it to make this world a better place of living. They must develop laws, policies and system which brings more prosperity and development to all human kinds instead of making one man wealthy while making poor to other. The use of knowledge, money and power should be in a direction which provides fertility to whole mankind instead of making/creating difference between them.