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Many Many Many Happy New Year to all the visitors of everymatter blog.

May all of your good wishes fulfilled in the coming year 2008 and pray to God for prosperity, wealth & success for everyone.

Let’s come together and make a resolution to create a fair and nice world in next year for our coming generations.

Year 2007

In the year 2007 many incidents happens from nuclear deal between India and USA to killing of Pakistani Ex-Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.Which is the top news according to you out of following?123 deal (supply of nuclear technology & fuel to India by USA)Nandigram SEZ ( Forceful acquisition of land from farmers in W. Bengal)Abhishek & Aishwarya MarriageGujarat Poll (One more victory of Narender Modi in Gujarat)Sensex crossing 20000 mark (BSE Sensex crossed the barrier of 20000 pts.)Musharraf resign from Military (Under Political & International Pressure resign of General Musharraf from Pakistani Military)20-20 World Cup Victory for IndiaRam Setu Sunderam ProjectNobel Prize for Global Warming (Efforts of Pachori and Algore for environment brings laurel to both of them in form of Nobel Prize.)Assassination of Ex-Pakistani Prime Minister Benzir Bhutto by terrorist in Rawalpindi, PakistanOut of the above topics which…

Indian Cricket Team

Currently our T–20 World Cup winner team is in Australia to play against One Day International World Champions. On this tour the capability of Indian team will be tested on fast and bouncy pitches of Australia. Indian team has never win a series in Australia in its history. Although recently team India have defeated Pakistan team in One day and Test series in India and they have defeated kangaroos in T–20 World Cup. In last few years Australian team is much more a heavy weight team because of its numbers of victory against all teams of cricket world. My observation about Australians and Indian team says that Australians are mentally much more stronger in comparison to India. Till the last of game kangaroos don’t give up with giving putting their full effort with positive attitude. BCCI has much more resources than any other cricket board of world; even ICC (International Cricket Control Boards) income is less than the revenues of BCCI. BCCI must develop different types of pitches, st…


Everyday we see and face corruption in our regular life. When you deal with various govt. departments you need to pay bribe from top bureaucrats to peon means pay at every stage to get your work done. The broken roads are result of corruption and understanding between officials and contractors. Health, education, taxation, administration every department is corrupted. Corruption had set its root deeply in our whole system. The biggest victim of corruption is common men. To remove the corruption peoples must be educated so that they can raise the voice. Young, educated and honest peoples should participate in politics to improve the situation. We should also use the modern tools like Right to Information (RTI) Act, E-Governance in this fight. Although E-governance has improved a situation a little bit but it is in early stage and many improvements need to be done. About RTI Actonly few and educated peoples are aware and know how to use it. The common and poor people still not fully awa…

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My District (Bhiwani)

My District, Bhiwani District came into existence on July 22nd, 1972.Administrative city is situated between 28.19 deg. & 29.05 deg. North latitude and 75.26 deg. & 76.28 deg. East longitude having population of approx. 170000. Its main towns are Charkhi Dadri, Loharu, Bawani Khera and Tosham. District has also 442 villages and area of approx. 5000 sq. kms. District receives only 400 – 425 mm of rainfall. It is a city of temples and also known as ‘Chota Kashi’. The name of city had been mentioned in Ain-e-Akbari. Earlier the name of city was Bhani (Name of Rajput King’s Wife Bhani), which changed to Bhiyani and subsequently to Bhiwani. One of its important cities Dadri was founded by the son of Prithvi Raj Chauhan. By roads it is connected Rohtak, Delhi, Pilani, Jaipur, Hissar, Sirsa, Chandigarh. By Rail it is connected to Delhi, Mathura, MaldaTown, Jaipur, Ferozpur, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Hissar. It is the main centre of regional politics and hometown to three Chief Minister’s …

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Online Networking Websites

In last one year I have come across so many online networking websites that has launched or we can say came into limelight. These sites not only provide you the facility to interact with others but also let you post your photos, music and videos. This is the new concept attracting every organization which is planning to do something on Internet. Orkut, facebook are some big and popular sites which are used by people of almost every country and working on international scale but now many companies are launching or promoting local or particular area based networking sites. Most commonly of them are indyarocks, ibibo, friendster. Some companies are providing sites for peoples of some particular interest. The biggest question on making a friend online is security. You don’t whether the profile posted is real or fake one. The other issue is that you are moving away from society, personal meeting & gathering and in future it would lead to sense breakup of relations, sense of insecurity …

BPO Industry

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) means an organization is giving contract to another organization for one or more of its process. In last decade BPO Industry has emerged as a new sector in India and making a very good contribution in growth of India. This sector is popular among youths because of good pay package, attractive life style, attractive work environment, transport facility etc. In International arena Indian companies are among players because proficiency in English of Indian people is a very great benefit for them. But even after so many facilities industry is facing a shortage of manpower and trying different methods to find new employees and finding it difficult to maintain existing employees. Employees work for some years in this industry and leaves because of higher education, lack of personal life & physical strains. People working in this industry also face health problem if they have not organized themselves. Employees also feel that they do not have much caree…

Green Belt

To maintain ecological balance and environment of our planet trees and plants are very important. But whenever we need land for industries, roads, residential purpose, trees, plants are destroyed which results in environmental imbalance not only in that particular area but also the whole earth environment. When trees and plants are destroyed on large scale for human needs some area is reserved for plants, trees and greeneries which is called Green Belt. But with passage of time Green Belt gets encroached by residents, industries, hawkers etc. and moreover trees fall down, plants gets destroyed because of non-care. Whether it is NGO industries, residents, industry, individual or Govt. body, no one puts any effort to maintain greenery in Green Belt. As per my observation some Area wise survey must be carried out to find the scope of plantation in Green Belt Area so that maximum plantation can be done. Some funds must be continuously diverted or reserved for maintenance of this area. Man…

Primary Education in India

Primary level education in India is not structured in a right way because generally we see that students carry a very heavy bag, water bottle, sports goods etc. they have to lift too much weight. It seems that small kids are over burdened. They have to study approx. 4 - 5hrs. in school, complete the home work and then go to tuition. Every week they need to give test and must maintain their performance. Even for going to school they have to regularly travel approx. 10 – 20 km. All this stress is affecting the development of a child. Education must be given in a manner that leads to all-round development of child for all behavior of life not only the academic development of child.
Friends if any of you have some points regarding above please mention.

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Indian Movie

On last Sunday I saw a movie on DD National “Aisa Kayon Hota hai” which is based on the issue of HIV Virus and communal violence. The movie clearly presents the fear of common person of our society who doesn’t interact, accept and involve with HIV infected person. About HIV even educated peoples are not fully aware; they have some misconceptions in their mind. They think they can’t get affected by it and the reality is just opposite to that. The other point covered by movie is killing innocent people’s of particular community due to bomb blast done by terrorist and later on the feel insulted because of killings done by himself.The message of the movie is that we must live peacefully with all communities of our society and should not hesitate to interact with HIV infected person. Best of luck to Bollywood and hope that it will make some more movies which show the mirror to society and guide us to improve our society. I think all of us come together to fight against these loopholes in o…

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Blue Line Bus

Recently I again read that blue line bus killed one more. This year death toll has reached 109 of blue line buses and delhi govt. has told the high court that it will be able to remove blue line buses from roads by 2012. it means that many more innocent lives are under threat. To control the irregularities of blue line operators, drivers, conductors and other support staff strict norms must be immediately taken. All the driver and conductor must attend regular classes or weekly classes under specific training programme. In this training programme they must taught traffic rules, importance of human life, nice dealing of passengers and much more. Except about regular checking of buses, random raids, heavy fine must be imposed whenever and wherever rules are broken. If some driver/bus repeats the errors/irregularities then the permit of the bus must be cancelled.I think it will improve the situation, specially the training class of bus staff.Please express your ideas how we can improve t…