Faridabad to host state games - Hindustan Times

As per the news on Hindustan Times website Haryana is going to organise 24th State Games at Faridabad beginning on Friday, October 22, 2010. More than 6,500 sportspersons and 500 officials from different parts of the state. It is worth to be noted that players of Haryana had won many gold medals in CommonWealth Games recently completed. 29 games will be part of sport event and it is the biggest sport event in Faridabad and games are organised by Haryana Olympic Association. Archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, boxing, chess, handball, kabaddi, hockey, judo, lawn tennis, net ball, wrestling, etc. are part of the games.
"The championships will be held in Sector 12 sports complex, Nehar Singh Stadium, NIT 3 Sports Complex and Pantha Bhavan," Dangi said.

Indian Railways | Double Deckrer AC Train | Railway Reservation | Jalandhar | Coach - Oneindia News

As per Oneindia.in website Indian Railways rolled out it's first air-conditioned double-decker train in Kapurthala district of Jalandhar on Saturday, Oct 16.
Indian Railways | Double Deckrer AC Train | Railway Reservation | Jalandhar | Coach - Oneindia News

Railway Station

On last to last Sunday I traveled by train from Delhi to Bhiwani with family and to my surprise on Hazrat Nizamudin Railway Station on platform their is no toilet and even milk for the childrens is not available.

It is worth to be noted that Indian Railway make big claims to provide comfortable ride to passengers and its platform lacks basic facilities.

Civilized Society

Yesterday evening I travelled from ShakurBasti Railway Station to Faridabad in Local EMU (shuttle) train and the compartment is not only crowded but really over-overcrowded and even it is very tough to stand properly. A family is there in that train compartment with a 2-3 month old baby and around 4 years old boy and it is worth to mention that they are not only seating properly but other peoples are concerned taking care that they do not push the small baby & boy and their mother for space. This incident give me a feeling that we are living in a civilized society which respect the dignity of women and give preferences to small childrens.

YouTube - live cwg opening ceremony (common wealth games)2010 India, latest video by www.cwgindia.net

Faridabad flyover to open on Oct 5, no toll till Diwali - Hindustan Times

As per Hindustantimes website on Friday the Haryana BJP chief Krishenpal Gujjar forcibly open the Badarpur Flyover to Public although HCC company officials put the Barricade immediately after that. As per HCC officials one of the carriageway will be operational by October 5, 2010 and by November the whole elevated highway with both carriageways will be ready to inaugrate by November.

The good news for commuters of this root is that their will be no toll charges till Diwali for use of the flyover.

Big relief coming for Faridabad, Noida commuters - The Times of India

As per yesterday views the Badarpur Flyover is also being opened for traffic before games and the same has been reported by Times of India today on their website. The commuters from Faridabad to Delhi will be very happy as they face generally major traffic jam problem at Badarpur.

It is also reported that Flyover on the UP Link road to Noida will also open by Sunday. It will make Geeta colony to Noida Stretch Signal free.
As per yesterday news Delhi Metro is also starting between Central Secretariat to Badarpur before Games will completely change the picture.

It will definitely help the India to improve its position as a host of Commonwealth Games 2010.

Big relief coming for Faridabad, Noida commuters - The Times of India

Badarpur line ready, DMRC awaits safety inspection - The Times of India

On Times of India website i read that DMRC has completed the Badarpur to Central Secretariat Metro Line and DMRC is awaiting safety inspection and will start before commonwealth games. It is expected that all the work will be completed in next 2-3 days. It will definately reduce congestion on National Highway - 2 i.e. Mathura road as roads attached to KaranSingh Shooting Range has been closed in view of commonwealth games. Some of the officials of Commonwealth games are staying at various hotels in and around Surajkund to the Badkhaj Surajkund road has been closed by the authorities from Oct.3 to Oct. 14 and the traffic has been diverted to National Highway-2 Mathura Road. The Metro will definitely help the commuters and ease the road congestion at Badarpur, Aali Ghav etc.

If the Badarpur Flyover can also be started before games it will be a wonder and their will be no traffic chaos at Badarpur Border. Even if it is not possible to completely operationalise the flyover then One side of the flyover must be completed and opened for the traffic.

Badarpur line ready, DMRC awaits safety inspection - The Times of India

Reservation in Private Sector


Reservation in private sector for SC/ST peoples is a political move by some political peoples who are thinking only about their votebank and selfish. Since last many years reservation policy is going in government sector job and the performance of government sector and whole system is known to everybody. If anyone has knowledge, competitiveness, talent than he should get the job otherwise not. Now a days even some top class rich SC/ST families are taking benefits of reservation for their wards which is defeating the purpose of Reservation and in fundamental the equal status for all of our constitution.

If reservation policy is implemented in private sector it will only lead to damage of competitiveness of Indian companies in comparison to their global partner. If anyone has talent he will automatically get the job but should not be based on his religion and cast. It will make very big negative impact on performance of private companies.

I am strongly not in favour of this policy and think that reservation must be given only to those who are poor and have some talent. Funds must be invested by private sector / corporate sector to develop talent in poor sections of society.

Wireless Charger Jagran - Yahoo! India - International :: General News

Just now I read on jagran website about launch  of wireless charger for mobile in Japan. It will be available in market by 2012. It has been developed by Fujitsu of Japan. It is expected that in future the charger will be used to charge electric cars and other equipments.  Although some wireless chargers are available in market but they have limited distance but this new wireless charger will even work from few meters away and will charge even more than one equipment.If successful it will be available at public places in coming years.
This wireless charger is working on the concept of magnet.

Nice invention.

Jagran - Yahoo! India - International :: General News

Education in India

Currently India has the second largest population in the world and education is one of the hot sector of Indian economy as Indian Government has big plans for it. In last few year so many engineering and management institutes have come up in Northern India and almost all of them are through private players.In coming few years we may see a large number of private universities, deemed universities or foreign universities operating in India.

It is really very nice move to spread the education but if we look the scenario in long term I think after 10 years we have large crop of unemployed engineering and management graduates which can be a really big problem for the nation as the person who is unemployed even after getting technical and management degrees will definitely get frustrated and may engage in unlawful, criminal and may be terrorist activities so government should increase its focus on creating more number of jobs for educated peoples by taking various steps.

In other words this young educated generation is a big resource for the nation and we are standing at a point from where our nation India can take a track so that it can be a super power but if this educated generation is not used in right way then the nation may receive a big set back. Also it must be noted that political will and corruption should not be a obstacle in path of this young educated generation.

Faridabad Development

In last decade Faridabad has lost the race of development in comparison to other cities of NCR like Noida and Gurgaon. To bring it ahead following are some of points which must be initiated by government on top priority :-

- Development and expansion of good quality roads

- Connectivity of Metro Rail

- Invitation to Corporate houses for their offices

- Development of Malls

- Budget homes must be constructed

- Development of Tourism Places

- Increase the area of operation for public conveyance

- Health services in villages which are little bit away from NH-2

- Increase the Badkhal Flyover from Two to Four lane

- Remove the encroachments from government land especially on both sides of Mathura road

- Injecting new dose for development of industries closed in last decade at Faridabad

Don't forget to mention the point which you think are important for development of area.

64th Independence Day

Yesterday we celebrated the 64th Independence Day for our nation India.

Happy Independence Day to All Indians.

Vande Mataram!

I would say thank you all security forces that Independence Day celebrated in a peaceful environment. Salute to our Soldiers.

Reach Millions of People

My dear friends

In the modern world of technology where the communication cost has become not only cheaper but also easily accessible and had become a part of our regular life. Even in rural areas the mobile has reached and the landline phone is a things of passed days.

My question is that is it possible to reach millions of people at no cost means by exploiting internet resources :

Some of them present in my mind are :

1) Social Networking Sites like orkut, linkedin, facebook, twitter, myspace, stumbleupon etc.

2) Using free sms facility available on different websites like fullonsms, way2sms, 160by2, etc.

3) Use of blogs, forums etc.



Few hours back as per the news on timesofindia.com Commonwealth Games Organising Committee Chairman Suresh Kalmadi said "I, as chairman of the Organising Committee, am prepared to face any scrutiny by (Comptroller and Auditor General) CAG or even a judicial probe for all financial transactions being reported by the media. All the people found guilty will be punished and brought to book,".

The question is not that whether he is ready to face any judicial probe or inquiry but the question





Vodafone unveils Solar Powered phone VF 247 in India

Few minutes back on breakingnewsonline.net i read the news that vodafone is launching solar powered phone in India keeping in view the rural sector where shortage of electricity and power cut is a normal activity. It is also reported that the phone is expected to hit Indian market in next month and will be available at the price of Rs.1500.

Phone will charge automatically charge as soon as it comes into contact with sunlight and it will also charge in room under normal daylight with special support of hardware & software.

Breakingnewsonline.net also mentioned that phone will have FM radio, color screen and a powerful torch.

The above phone will definitely helpful for many peoples and if it have facility to charge it through electricity also that double benefit for the users. The cost is also very nominal and environment friendly.

Commercialization of Education

In last 10 years the scenario of education in NCR has revolutionized and the new policy of government is making the foundation of another big round of changes and during this phase a large number of private players have created a big amount of wealth because as all the private players who are previously has some small institutes now a days have opened polytechnic, engineering and management institution and currently these players are in process of upgrading themselves to university level and some of them have already done it.

These private players created big wealth as the educational institutes get big concessions/grant/tax free benefits from government but does the private players passed on these subsidy/benefits/concession to common citizen and did not stored money in their own pockets by exploiting various loopholes in the system.

Now the government has introduced the foreign universities and in view of that private players are trying for foreign collaborations/tie-ups with various foreign universities but the question is are we creating a ill-trained army of professionals of various sectors means the students who will study in these institutes are international level professionals and not just a degree holder. It may seem that in near future degrees will be sold by private players by just completing the formalities and not by giving actual knowledge and education to our young generation.

How many peoples from poor family are able to get higher education from private institutions and how many number of poor family professional have been generated by these private players.


Laptop @ Rs.1500

Yesterday HRD Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal launched a $35 laptop means Rs.1500/- laptop designed by experts of IIT, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Mr. Sibal also announced that at the current price point of $35, there would be 50% subsidy to educational institutions, which will effectively bring down the cost to only Rs750. Govt. is planning to give the above laptop under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan which is covering crores of students. This laptop will be charged by an sleeker solar panel and Rs.1500 cost does not include solar panel cost. This laptop do not have a hard drive and support only video-web conferencing facility. It also have several latest features like multimedia content viewer (pdf, docx, ods, adp, xls, jpeg, gif,png, bmp, odt, zip, AVCHD, AVI, AC3), searchable Pdf reader, unzip for unzipping files, computing capabilities such as Open Office, SciLab for printing support, media player capable of playing streamed along with stored media files, USB port etc. Initially it will be manufactured in Taiwan and later on in India.

It seems that in coming years laptop will be sold on every street corner by street hawkers because it is available at very nominal price and every child will become a technocrat using this laptop.

This invention will bring a major change not only in technical market but in education sector and reduce the pollution because we are able to save thousand of trees and in turn our forests and animals leaving in these forests.


Is Delhi Ready for Games

Commonwealth games are near and the question which is striking everyone mind is that will Delhi host these games successfully or the government will release formal clarifications and complain about non co-operation by some government/private agencies/individuals and at last the citizens but that will malign only the image on Nation on international scenario.

The stadium are not ready, Games village readyness is much behind schedule till now and conditions of other infrastructure projects are fully known to everyone. The bridges, roads and pathways for pedestrian, cyclist are still under process and the rain in last weeks have totally proven the fictitious claim of government that DELHI IS READY and will successfully host the games. Water Logging, Traffic Jams are the main news headlines on every news channel. Removal of Debris is still not started from the various construction site because all projects are running behind the schedule.

Level of pollution are not going down, Yamuna is still not cleaned. Metro will be able to complete its target under strict quality checks or not?