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Is Delhi Ready for Games

Commonwealth games are near and the question which is striking everyone mind is that will Delhi host these games successfully or the government will release formal clarifications and complain about non co-operation by some government/private agencies/individuals and at last the citizens but that will malign only the image on Nation on international scenario.

The stadium are not ready, Games village readyness is much behind schedule till now and conditions of other infrastructure projects are fully known to everyone. The bridges, roads and pathways for pedestrian, cyclist are still under process and the rain in last weeks have totally proven the fictitious claim of government that DELHI IS READY and will successfully host the games. Water Logging, Traffic Jams are the main news headlines on every news channel. Removal of Debris is still not started from the various construction site because all projects are running behind the schedule.

Level of pollution are not going down, Yamuna is still not cleaned. Metro will be able to complete its target under strict quality checks or not?


Commonwealth Games 2010 Readyness

The deadline of Commonwealth 2010 Games is coming near but the arrangements are still long back behind completion schedule, number of hotels are not enough nor the stadiums are complete even after pushing more and more extra funds and manpower. Beautification of City do not seems possible. Cleaning of River Yamuna despite orders of Supreme Court and spending of hundred crores of public money is not upto the mark. Arrangement of volunteers, who will support and guide visitors, officials, players, etc. during games. Overall improvement /awareness to change attitude of Delhities for games.

Also security and traffic arrangements during the games is a biggest challenge for the Government. Some of the alternatives in mind of administration agencies which not seems to be feasible are :

- Paying Guest accommodation for visitors at Residential places

- Even and Odd Number vehicles will remain off the roads turn wise

- Holiday/Off on particular days in government / big private corporate offices area wise during games on the basis of games schedule

- Training to students/engagement of NGO's etc.

- English speaking course for employees of transport department like DTC

- Course/Tips/Motivational material for government employees to not ask for bribe during games period from any foreigners and deal with them politely while maintaining Rules

- Air security through helicopters and may be engagement of army/paramilitary personals at last movement

In last I wish Best of luck to my country to successfully host games.