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Brokers trade JEE toppers to coaching classes for credit - The Times of India

Brokers trade JEE toppers to coaching classes for credit - The Times of India

This is the first breakthrough in to coaching business. This incident has proved that it is purely commercialization of education. A student who secure good rank in IIT-JEE may earn a nice amount if wishes so. The amount is in term of Prize awarded to him but actually it is the money against securing his name as their student. If the coaching sector is investigated it will definitely proved that all the entrance toppers name are sold in market to various institutes. These institutes then advertise the names of this students in their marketing campaign to attract student for admission.

It is pure business and not the education.

In my time education is a noble cause and teachers are respected for their services but the sale-purchase of good rankers has turned the education into business and eaten the social touch of Education sector. Government spends so much on education sector, gives subsidies, loans etc. bu…

Commercialization of Education

In last 10 years the scenario of education in NCR has revolutionized and the new policy of government is making the foundation of another big round of changes and during this phase a large number of private players have created a big amount of wealth because as all the private players who are previously has some small institutes now a days have opened polytechnic, engineering and management institution and currently these players are in process of upgrading themselves to university level and some of them have already done it.

These private players created big wealth as the educational institutes get big concessions/grant/tax free benefits from government but does the private players passed on these subsidy/benefits/concession to common citizen and did not stored money in their own pockets by exploiting various loopholes in the system.

Now the government has introduced the foreign universities and in view of that private players are trying for foreign collaborations/tie-ups with various …