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I-T raids Welingkar Director Residence, alleged of making capitation fee for MBA seats |

As per news on Income tax Department has raided in a case of capitation fee against admission in institute. A student has repeatedly complain that Director is asking for capitation fee for management quota admission in the institute. It is just a single incidence which is known to us actually it is a common practice for all private/deemed universities, private engineering and management colleges to give admissions to the students through management quota only after accepting extra money, the method of taking this wrong money is sometimes in the form of cash/donation/capitation fee/etc.
Wherever you go for admission through management seat you have to pay according to the prescribed rates of that institute, while their is a scope of some negotiation but you have to pay for it.
This is purely commercialization of education and proves that poor and common men can not afford the higher education and it is the way to protect the rich class. Middle class has only tool i.e. edu…

नए रास्ते-नई मंजिलें-करियर गाइड-करियर-बिज़नस-Navbharat Times

As per news on Delhi Technological University  is going to start B.Tech Medical Engineering Course and B.Tech Mathematics & Computing from next year. These are two new courses in the country and the DTU will become first university to start medical engineering. I think the initiative is based on the lines of HRD Mr. Kapil Sibal earlier announcements.
Good initiative.

नए रास्ते-नई मंजिलें-करियर गाइड-करियर-बिज़नस-Navbharat Times

ABVP to protest against commercialization of education in PU on Nov 9 :

As per news on ABVP (Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarathi Parishad) is going to protest against the rise in fees on 9th November, 2010. Also they are asking for implementation of RTI Act in universities. As per ABVP leader Dinesh Chauhan the rise in educational fees has resulted into commercialization of education and higher education is out of reach of common and poor peoples.
I already mentioned it in my previous articles on education at my this blog.
I support peaceful protest for this cause.
ABVP should write to vice-chancellors, chancellors, HRD Ministry, Prime Minister Office, President Office about this issue.
ABVP to protest against commercialization of education in PU on Nov 9 :

Education in India

Currently India has the second largest population in the world and education is one of the hot sector of Indian economy as Indian Government has big plans for it. In last few year so many engineering and management institutes have come up in Northern India and almost all of them are through private players.In coming few years we may see a large number of private universities, deemed universities or foreign universities operating in India.

It is really very nice move to spread the education but if we look the scenario in long term I think after 10 years we have large crop of unemployed engineering and management graduates which can be a really big problem for the nation as the person who is unemployed even after getting technical and management degrees will definitely get frustrated and may engage in unlawful, criminal and may be terrorist activities so government should increase its focus on creating more number of jobs for educated peoples by taking various steps.

In other words this y…

44 institutions to lose deemed varsity status

It is a good move by Government in favor of quality education for Indians and will make a strong impact on commercialization of education. Every educational institute now a days is being handled by family persons instead of academicians and interest shown by capitalist in this filed during last decade has made situation worst. Educational School/Colleges/Institutes are a mode of tax free Income/Earning for those peoples and not for upliftment of society.

I think all these universities will make a association and file a case in court and they will also use their network against it and definitely most of them will get time to complete their deficiencies. Also most of them will not hesitate to use means of corruption. According to my view more than 50% of these 44 deemed universities will be able to keep themselves running.