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Pollution Control

On Diwali at 2017 Hon’ble Supreme Court of India banned the sale of fire crackers to stop and control threatening levels of pollution. Some of us criticized the decision. Traders said it will cause heavy losses to them as they had already purchased material and ban is done at last moment. Some groups said that it is a strike on their religious faith. Hot discussions on social media are carried out in and against the ban. My personal view is that the money spent on fire crackers may be used for construction of charitable hospitals, schools, etc. which will be beneficial for society and nation. Also looking at current levels of rising levels of pollution due to smog that the little step (ban on sale of fire crackers) to control pollution is a right step. On last few years at every Diwali my father needs oxygen because of too much pollution but this year thankfully he did not needs to be given oxygen and is relaxed. Although now not only my father but we all feeling eyes burn and problem…

UP cops raped women, killed farmers: Rahul - Hindustan Times

UP cops raped women, killed farmers: Rahul - Hindustan Times

As per the statement of Congress leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi UP Cops raped women, killed farmers and Ash of 74 burnt bodies is being found in villages at Greater Noida at Bhatta Parsaul . This all is going because of land acquisition for Yamuna Express Way connecting Greater Noida and Agra. All the villagers know about it. The most important question is does this police action sponsored by State Government and why no one is demanding a high level inquiry into it. Why not the retired Supreme Court Judge , Ex- Secretary Rank official and a Local Farmers representative is included in the panel to inquire about Police Atrocity.

Now the important question is why the Police always act outside legal limit whenever public stands against any point which harm their interest. Our police personnel are still acting in Pre-independence era but why they don't understand that India is a Independent country now and they should treat the citiz…