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Environment in Residential Areas

When you are traveling on a two wheeler and cross some area which is full of trees do you feel some pleasure of coolness and freshness and feel uneasyness in the area where industrial waste is dumped. In residential areas we don't have much number of trees especially the old and congested part of every city and these areas are polluted becasue of pollution by general regular activity of human beings and also these old areas host some small industries.

An initiative is required in this direction to improve the number of trees and reduce pollution by new scientific methods. Some examples may be created by government in their own staff quarters which can be further replicated for general areas.


Yesterday Maoist attack a passenger bus and killed 44 peoples and some of them are Special Police Officers, Maoist used the landmine to blast the bus which is plying from Dantewada to Sukma. Once again it proved that Maoist are well equipped with arms and explosives but why common passengers even women's and children's, it against humanity. If Maoist have some demands they should not kill innocent peoples for that purpose.

I think government will definitely give compensation on immediate basis to victims.

Security forces must change their strategy to gather intelligence and must operate according to the specific operating procedures because every small mistake is like a opportunity for Maoist. Also government must provide better arms, equipments so that moral of security forces don't go down because in case security forces loose their morale it will be big defeat for government so on urgent basis security forces must be provided good arms and equipments in addition to awaren…


India a nation well known through out the world for its centuries old culture and peacekeeping behaviour (India never invaded any country in her last 1000 years of history) is scaling new heights everyday on world map.

Engineers and Doctors of India have already proved their metal to the world and recognised by every country. We As a nation India is second-largest populated country in the world.

India is a nuclear power since 1974 when it first tested its nuclear device named as Smiling Buddha. The Nation is also standing strong on its feet in space exploration and recently India sent first unmanned lunar vehicle Chandrayaan to the moon.

In Sports India won one gold in shooting and Two bronze in boxing recently at Beijing Olympics . Viswanathan Anand, the great Chess champion is famous for his victory over computers. Kalpana Chawla, Astronaut of NASA is also an Indian. Indian Cricket team has also won One Day World Cup and T-20 World cup.

The growth rate of Indian Economy is also very goo…

Government Offices

Few days back through some of my known I come to know a wonderful things about government offices system. The incident is related to Transport Department.

Basically when a person applies for renew of his/her permit for vehicle than the required fees is submitted in the form of Demand Draft (D.D) at RTO office but RTO office do not have the sufficient manpower or requisite system resources to manage Demand Drafts (D.D) received because thousand of demand drafts are deposited everyday and validity of D.D is only for six month from date of issue. Transport department is not able to encash these D.D

Deposit these demand draft at their bank to collect revenues because they receives thousand of demand draft everyday and due to this these demand drafts are not enchased and lying like a waste paper because demand drafts are valid only for a period of six months.

Now the question is that money has gone from the pocket of vehicle owner and not used by Department which is causing huge losses to Ex-…

Naxalism & Terrorism

If we look at internal security position of India we are standing at a very critical point because of problems in many parts of country. Most of our urban cities and states of north India like Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir faces threat of terrorism.While in the North East we already have problem of Insurgency. Problem of naxalism has already reached very high scale in many states like Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, West Bengal, Maharashtra.

And about external threats we are well aware about our relations with Pakistan where everyday some terror group plans something against us and China is continuously encroaching in our territory. In last few years our relations with Bangladesh is also gone down and scenario of Sri Lanks is already very known to everybody.

In view of above facts what will be the future of out nation and its citizens.

Modernisation Versus Environment

Today in the race of modernization against already developed countries of the world India as a nation is busy in building roads, bridges, buildings means concrete jungle and damaging its environment like anything.

Whenever we made any road we cut lots of trees and cut our hills for road construction material means double damage to environment and never plans how to compensate that loss so policy should be made that whenever anybody cuts one tree another tree is planed against the same.

Also when we made flyover we cut road side trees and drill the earth to raise the pillars for flyover again two sided attack on environment so our engineers must try to find out the designs which are environment friendly and have space for greenery consisting of not only flowers and plants but for trees also.

During the creation new residential colonies and sector by government also many of agricultural land is compromised instead of developing residential area on non-agricultural land.

I think government s…

War With Maoist

After Dantewada attack in which 76 soldiers of CRPF killed by Maoist it is found that some peoples of CRPF and police forces are involved in supplying ammunition to Naxalist/Maoist which indicates that security forces are in big trouble and their internal working system needs lots of improvement.

In addition to catch of corrupt insiders government and security forces must also check following points for naxalist and block them :-

- Source of Finances

- Source from where they obtain arms and ammunition

- From where they purchase / acquire communication equipments

- Their methods of new recruitment

- Sources of their food supply

- Their locations in rural/urban areas from where they interact with locals

- Where & how they print their material

- Sources of their Political support

Recently I come to know that government has started filling big number of vacancies in naxal hit states which will definitely increase the confidence of local towards government and effect new recruitment of naxals.