Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bird flu

Bird flu had affected 19 districts of west Bengal and the culling of chickens are under process as a safety measure taken by Government. Some affected areas are Murshidabad district , Mursidabad, West Midnapore and South 24 Parganas, Birbhum Howrah. All families who are dependent of Poultary business for their livelihood had been severely affected and a question of livelihood is in front of them as help provided by government rarely reaches to the needy because of corruption. In starting Bird-Flu had affected only few district of state but due to negligence of local administration and state government it virus stretched its wings to 19 district. Bird flu is an infectious disease caused by Influenza A virus and affects chickens, birds, ducks etc. One of this virus types can also cause infection to human. Bird Flu has started from Bangladesh and came to India as both country shares a long border. Now Indian Health Minister have requested international agency to be more vigil & strict on steps taken by Bangladesh Government against Bird-Flu virus. 29 of 64 districts of Bangladesh are affected from Bird Flu but the Bangladesh government is not transparent about its operation. As a security measure Indian government had asked BSF to step up vigil on border and seal the international border. Another point of consideration is awareness among the peoples about Bird Flu virus as government has not taken complete steps to increase awareness. Even NGO’s of the state are not doing anything for the same. I think local media should also play its role for increasing awareness.

At last I hope that Bird-Flu will be controlled soon.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Retail Business in India

In previous two three years many big international as well as Indianb usiness groups had announced their entry in Retail Market. Some of them have already started their business by opening their stores in metro cities.From consumer point of view i can say that currently the stores opened by these companies are selling the goods at price higher than the market while in their marketing campaign and advertisement these companies make big promise to provide the goods at price less than everywhere in market. Entry of these big players not only brings the capitalism but also increase unemployment against the picture presented by these companies and few politicians because this concept will totoally destroy the earnings of peoples working as Wholesaler and Retailer. These peoples will become unemployed and the problem of unemployment will increase and also leads to other social problems. A retail who is curring doing his own business have to work like a labour in this stores and his earnings will be also less than current level without any ray of hope for future increments. The money / resources / capital of economy will goes in hand of big capitalist who will exploit poor peoples of country. In other words instead of leading the country twowards development with this method society and country will fall in the dealth of wall means poverty and exploitation of poor peoples.

From consumer point of view i can say that currently the stores opened by these companies are selling the goods at price higher than the market while in their marketing campaign and advertisement these companies make big promise to provide the goods at price less than everywhere in market.

Please send me your view on above.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Energy, a six letters word due to which whole world runs. Each & Everything in this world running only because of energy. From manufacturing of a product to launch of space shuttles, from lighting of bulbs to running of large heavy duty machines, energy is the working force behind every single concept of today world. Because whole world is running through energy, it is required at very-very huge and large scale. Human beings invented different methods for filling different kind of energy requirement like invention of electricity, use of petroleum, making dams etc. and the same leads to many other natural problems like global warming, pollution, danger to many of species of this planet even we ourselves human beings. Now a day’s whole world runs on electric and petroleum energy and the use of petroleum products and generation of electric power creates pollution. Like when power is generated through coal burning air get polluted because of smoke generated in the burning process of coal. When we make dams on rivers, forest gets destroyed, environment imbalance etc. when we runs vehicles, fly planes or use petroleum products to run engines of large machines we again generates pollution. All of the above happens because energy is the required for living life on our planet.

To control all the pollution, environmental problems first of all use electrical and petroleum products needs to be controlled and for this we need to invent the machines, engines, devices, vehicles, etc which runs without energy means runs on zero energy. It looks like that I am talking nonsense at this point but let me clear it Zero energy means a object derive the energy from within itself to run it. In other words all the things working at their own. It will be combination of atoms & electrons research, artificial intelligence, etc. Much Research needs to be carried out for this. If we successful than we can hope planes will fly at their own, vehicles will run without petrol, diesel, gas and bulbs will provide lighting at their own.

In my above article I was not able to clearly present my views but if anyone of you can understand please advise me the changes.

I hope that readers of this article will have some idea after going through the article about my view.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Blog (Everymatter)

Since September 2007 I had made almost 70 posts on my blog i.e. Everymatter. I am writing different article on different topics like Environment, Politics, Society, Corruption, Education, Computers, Internet, Entertainment and Sports etc. on my blog and registered myself with reddit, digg, stumbleupon, technorati,, twitter, faves etc. I left comments on blogs of note published by blogger and also participating in various forums but still did not get visitors. I am also not able to find the loopholes or mistakes done by me. I am not sure whether the quality of content available on blog stands on which level or what changes is required in content.

I have some links to other sites in some of my article but not number of links is very less.

Also update me that did I need to use photos, videos to increase popularity and the source of acquiring these images & videos.

Kindly suggest me what other steps I need to follow to increase the popularity and no. of visitors on my blog.

Vista SP1 on February 15th?

PCWorld and Digitimes report: A DRAM spokesperson from a company called Nanya believes that Vista SP1 will hit the street on Feb. 15th. PC World followed up with a phone call to Microsoft but they only confirmed a Q1 release.

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Monday, January 21, 2008


Few days back on a TV Channel I saw the Bhajan for Lord Shiva and the singer is one of the popular saints now-a-days. Saints are acquiring whose money, assets and resources from devotees and making their ashrams. They are using very professional management tactics to increase the number of devotes from every section of society. They sell books medicines, audio-visual CD’s/DVD’s of their prayers, Bhajans and other programmes. They print magazines and sold it to their devotees. All the above methods show that spiritual gurus are using highly professional management tools. By acquiring more and more resources, assets, money etc how do these spiritual gurus helps society. It looks like a commercialization of religious activities and making profit out of religious faith of peoples.

It is not good for our society and the resources of these ashrams must be tracked whether they are used in proper way or not for development of society.

Personally I am not against any religious activity as I have full faith in god but wants that no commercialization of religious activity should exist in our society.

Please send me your feedback for above.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Reliance Power IPO

On January 15 the public issue of Reliance Power (Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group) opened and oversubscribed 10.2 times on same day which is a historic in Indian share market history. I hope that it will be oversubscribed 50 times by its last date i.e. 18th January 2008 because peoples are selling their existing holding in big quantities to invest money in this IPO and the BSE sensex and Nifty sensex is going down continuously.

All over the country peoples are opening demat account in large number as it is necessary to have a De-Mat account for bidding in IPO. Reliance is issuing 26 crores shares in this price bank of Rs.405-Rs.450 with a discount of Rs.20/- per share. Company has spent a lot of money and using various methods for advertisement of this IPO. From Mumbai dabbawalas (Sex Sigma rated) to TV channels everywhere company is giving ads.

The grey market sources said that the price of share after listing will be approx. Rs.900 although it is not a reliable information but looking at the history of reliance group one can definitely rely on the goodwill of company. Company has around 13-14 power projects based on coal, gas and hydroelectric.

If we look at the power sector, it has great potential and all the shares of power sector companies like NTPC, Power Grid etc. are performing well.

Even many mutual fund companies are planning to launch their new offering immediately after the Reliance Power IPO in a hope that the refund sent to bidders may be attracted for their funds.

Please provide me your views for this IPO.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Indian Car ‘Nano’

The launch of much awaited TATA Rs. 1 lac car had been recently launched in Auto Expo, Delhi, India. It is named ‘Nano’ a name which brings science into everyone minds. Its launch immediately became news for whole world media. Invention of this car ‘Nano’ has once again proved the engineering and entrepreneurship power of modern India. Nano had given a big challenge to all major automobile companies like GM, Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Renault Nissan. With 3.1 metre length, 1.5 metre width and 1.6 metre height it will not only change the Indian car market but have a very big impact on the whole world car market. Nano will be available in three versions with wide range of colors. Some of the important features of this car are as follows:-

  1. 30 litre fuel tank
  2. 4 speed manual gearshift
  3. Mileage of 23 km per litre
  4. Roomy passenger compartment
  5. Front disk and rear drum brake
  6. Whole aluminium petrol engine of 623 cc, 33 bhp, multi-point fuel injection
  7. Tubeless tyres

One of its version will have air conditioning facility. Tata Motors is planning to launch its diesel version also.

As per Mr. Ratan Tata everyone has suggested that it is not possible make a car at a price of Rs.1 lac but he dared to dream it and makes it possible. Now the dream of Mr. Ratan Tata became a reality. The rates of small car already available in market like Maruti-800 are slashed and other players are redesigning their strategy for Asia (Indian) market as European and American market are declining.

I will write more about Nano very soon till then send me your comments for Nano ‘The Car of India’.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

WTF? Prostitutes to help beat trafficking

By Bappa Majumdar KOLKATA, India (Reuters) - Authorities in eastern India have teamed up with prostitutes as the officials accelerate a drive against the trafficking of girls into the trade. It is a rare display of official approval for the efforts...

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Sir Edmund Hillary dies at 88

Sir Edmund Hillary has died aged 88.He passed away at Auckland City Hospital at 9am this morning. Sir Edmund shot to international stardom as the first man to scale Mt Everest in 1953.Prime Minister Helen Clark today described Sir Edmund as the best-known New Zealander to have ever lived…

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Tata Nano, the people's car of India

the nice Initiative

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Sydney test

In second test match umpires Mark Benson and Steve Bucknor gave so many wrong decisions against team India. Television replays clearly proves that decisions taken by empires were totally wrong. Moreover Australian team have not played the game with true spirit and raise the issue of racism which had made a great impact on the popularity of this great game i.e. Cricket. The century of VVS Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar century had raise a ray of hope that match will be very interesting and may be victory will be in favour of Indians or match will be a draw. A doubt also comes in mind of every cricket lover is that match had been fixed using and umpires have a big role in that. Decision taken by ICC to change umpires for next match is absolutely right but did ICC asked explanation from both umpires why they did not handle the match properly. Also media should question Mr. Steve and Mr. Benson about their view whether they are realizing their mistake or they think that the decision taken by them is right? BCCI Chief Sharad Pawar must take further steps to save Harbhajan Singh from any harassment as any action against him will demoralize whole Indian Team.

I think in interest of cricket both team should come forward and play the next match with true game spirit.

Also the controlling bodies / authorities must make the proper arrangements so that game does not have impact of any wrong thing.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Steal this WiFi

Whenever I talk or write about my own security setup, the one thing that surprises people -- and attracts the most criticism -- is the fact that I run an open wireless network at home. There's no password. There's no encryption. Anyone with wireless capability who can see my network can use it to access the internet.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

History of The Computers

A computer is fast electronic device that processes the input data according to the instructions given by the user and programmer and provides the desired information as an input.

Introduction :-

The computer evolved as a result of a man’s search for a fast and accurate calculating device. First computer is invented by Charles Babbage and thereafter many kinds of computers have been designed and built during the evolution of modern digital computers. The process of improving is continue and bringing new invention everyday.

Zeroth generation of computers: - The zeroth generation of computers mainly denotes mechanical computers. Charles Baggage made first mechanical computer called ‘Analytic Engine’. Charles Babbage is known as ‘Father of the Computers’.

First Generation Computers: - first generation computers are made by use of vaccum tubes. These computers are faster than mechanical computers. ENIAC was first electronic computer. These computers are very large in size and consume too much power.

Second generation computers: - In this generation of computers vaccum tubes had been replaced by transistors made from silicon. Transistor was smaller in size and generates less heat. They are more reliable than previous ones.

Third generation computers: - In third generation Integrated Circuits (ICs) used in place of transistors. IC is made up of hundred of transistors put on a single chip. It is small in size. It is more reliable than second generation computers. Later it is found that IC’s could be integrated on a single chip using LSI (Large Scale Integration).

Fourth Generation Computers: - Fourth generation computer marks the use of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) in place of IC’s. VLSI allows millions of components to be packed on a single circuit. VLSI leads to development of present personal computers also known as micro computers. Computers we are using now-a-days are fourth generation computers. Only drawback of these computers is that they do not have their own intelligence.

Fifth Generation computers: - Fifth generation computers is still at research and development stage. These computers will use USLI (Ultra Large Scale Integration). Most important feature is artificial intelligence. Fifth generation computers will use intelligent software and helps the computers to know ‘What To Do’ and ‘How To Do’. User interface will be provided in form of speech in natural language.

“Robots” have some features of fifth generation computers.

Much more will also change in future as R & D always on to improve features of computers.

Send me your views and suggestion if you found any mistake in above.

Saturday, January 5, 2008






Arranged Marriages in India

In India the number of successful marriage rate is much higher than any other part of the world. The culture, tradition given from childhood makes a person able to understand the importance of relations. Mostly Indians get married through arranged marriages. Marriage is a necessary part of Indian society. Although Indian society is much affected by of westernization but still arranged marriage is most commonly used path. India's conservative ethos is so ingrained that surveys show that a majority of the young are inclined towards arranged marriages. Arrangement of marriage is responsibility of parents and other elder relatives of any boy/girl. Almost everyone in India still rely on their parents wisdom, foresight and connections to find the right person for them. Besides family, friends and neighbors many match making services, personals and now internet personals provide opportunity for people to get together. Generally social network is used for search for bride or groom who is having suitable social, communal & economic status. In case of arranged marriage not only two persons come into agreement with each other but it is merger of two families, their culture, tradition, customs and values. Husband and wife accept the drawbacks and loopholes of each other.

They have some social bindings and restrictions put on them by elders of their families. Even in case of some disputes elders greatly help them to solve the issues and make their marriage life successful. The presence of elders is a very big supportive factor in making a marriage life successful.

Marriage is a big event in India and brings social realignment, biological reproduction and exchange of values, traditions and wealth.

At last I would say lets stick with our custom, tradition and system created by our previous generations.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Robbie Maddison's World Record Motorcycle Jump

"Jumps the length of a football field (more than 300 feet) to set a new motorcycle distance jumping world record."

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Speed on Indian roads/ Indian Traffic

In last decade roads have seen much expansion in every part of India. In urban cities four/eight lane high quality roads had been constructed on which vehicles runs at very high speed which leads to accidents. The number of accidents is increasing with every passing year. Anyone who falls on road don’t have a chance to get-up because of large number vehicles running at high speed. In India we are implementing the road and traffic system followed by developed nations without thinking and testing it is suitable for Indian circumstance and environment. Before making any bridge/road or multi-lane express way it must be analyzed and checked that some other cost effective and suitable system can be implemented in comparison to planned one. The behaviour of pedestrians, vehicle drivers (road users) in our country is not disciplined is one of the biggest problem in managing our traffic. Many rules and regulations are framed to make road users disciplined but not enforced properly. One could easily by-pass the law by giving a small amount instead of paying whole fine as a bribe to concerned staff. When we have copyied the system of developed nation we should also enforce the law according to the standard of those developed nations.

Please comment.