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In one of my recent visit to a marriage function i seen that mostly people taken seat in their own vehicles and did not walked with 'Groom' till temple. Even before departure of Groom from home almost everyone is busy in himself surfing with their mobiles. Marriage party are not so much enjoying event now and most of the peoples just participate to complete formality. The modern busy life is just not have a impact on marriage events but completely dented our social culture. In death cases also people either reach directly to crimination ground or don't walk with body just move few meters and then take their vehicles and during process of crimination many are in hurry to move and don't stay their till completion of activity which is very bad. 

What steps should be taken to stop decreasing humanity / moral values in today modern life. How we should increase social co-operation and move forward to give help to others in hour of need as everyone has to pass through good and bad times and social programs are essential part of every human beings.

We must realize this decreasing mutual co-operation inside social structure otherwise in future if social co-operation will end it will be a very big factor in end of cultured society.

I invite all readers to please post your suggestion to increase social and moral values, harmony inside the society.

Arranged Marriages in India

In India the number of successful marriage rate is much higher than any other part of the world. The culture, tradition given from childhood makes a person able to understand the importance of relations. Mostly Indians get married through arranged marriages. Marriage is a necessary part of Indian society. Although Indian society is much affected by of westernization but still arranged marriage is most commonly used path. India's conservative ethos is so ingrained that surveys show that a majority of the young are inclined towards arranged marriages. Arrangement of marriage is responsibility of parents and other elder relatives of any boy/girl. Almost everyone in India still rely on their parents wisdom, foresight and connections to find the right person for them. Besides family, friends and neighbors many match making services, personals and now internet personals provide opportunity for people to get together. Generally social network is used for search for bride or groom who is having suitable social, communal & economic status. In case of arranged marriage not only two persons come into agreement with each other but it is merger of two families, their culture, tradition, customs and values. Husband and wife accept the drawbacks and loopholes of each other.

They have some social bindings and restrictions put on them by elders of their families. Even in case of some disputes elders greatly help them to solve the issues and make their marriage life successful. The presence of elders is a very big supportive factor in making a marriage life successful.

Marriage is a big event in India and brings social realignment, biological reproduction and exchange of values, traditions and wealth.

At last I would say lets stick with our custom, tradition and system created by our previous generations.