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Since September 2007 I had made almost 70 posts on my blog i.e. Everymatter. I am writing different article on different topics like Environment, Politics, Society, Corruption, Education, Computers, Internet, Entertainment and Sports etc. on my blog and registered myself with reddit, digg, stumbleupon, technorati,, twitter, faves etc. I left comments on blogs of note published by blogger and also participating in various forums but still did not get visitors. I am also not able to find the loopholes or mistakes done by me. I am not sure whether the quality of content available on blog stands on which level or what changes is required in content.

I have some links to other sites in some of my article but not number of links is very less.

Also update me that did I need to use photos, videos to increase popularity and the source of acquiring these images & videos.

Kindly suggest me what other steps I need to follow to increase the popularity and no. of visitors on my blog.

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  1. First of all, I tried to subscribe you in a reader, but there is some kind of an error in the link...
    Second: you should have linked your profiles in Digg,... so people would be able to find you there.
    Have you submitted your posts to any of the bookmarking sites?
    What worked for me was making friends, commenting on other people's blogs...
    One thing is memes. I have one waiting for me to write about it, I will Tag you!

    And like you said, pictures are important.