Bird flu

Bird flu had affected 19 districts of west Bengal and the culling of chickens are under process as a safety measure taken by Government. Some affected areas are Murshidabad district , Mursidabad, West Midnapore and South 24 Parganas, Birbhum Howrah. All families who are dependent of Poultary business for their livelihood had been severely affected and a question of livelihood is in front of them as help provided by government rarely reaches to the needy because of corruption. In starting Bird-Flu had affected only few district of state but due to negligence of local administration and state government it virus stretched its wings to 19 district. Bird flu is an infectious disease caused by Influenza A virus and affects chickens, birds, ducks etc. One of this virus types can also cause infection to human. Bird Flu has started from Bangladesh and came to India as both country shares a long border. Now Indian Health Minister have requested international agency to be more vigil & strict on steps taken by Bangladesh Government against Bird-Flu virus. 29 of 64 districts of Bangladesh are affected from Bird Flu but the Bangladesh government is not transparent about its operation. As a security measure Indian government had asked BSF to step up vigil on border and seal the international border. Another point of consideration is awareness among the peoples about Bird Flu virus as government has not taken complete steps to increase awareness. Even NGO’s of the state are not doing anything for the same. I think local media should also play its role for increasing awareness.

At last I hope that Bird-Flu will be controlled soon.


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