Speed on Indian roads/ Indian Traffic

In last decade roads have seen much expansion in every part of India. In urban cities four/eight lane high quality roads had been constructed on which vehicles runs at very high speed which leads to accidents. The number of accidents is increasing with every passing year. Anyone who falls on road don’t have a chance to get-up because of large number vehicles running at high speed. In India we are implementing the road and traffic system followed by developed nations without thinking and testing it is suitable for Indian circumstance and environment. Before making any bridge/road or multi-lane express way it must be analyzed and checked that some other cost effective and suitable system can be implemented in comparison to planned one. The behaviour of pedestrians, vehicle drivers (road users) in our country is not disciplined is one of the biggest problem in managing our traffic. Many rules and regulations are framed to make road users disciplined but not enforced properly. One could easily by-pass the law by giving a small amount instead of paying whole fine as a bribe to concerned staff. When we have copyied the system of developed nation we should also enforce the law according to the standard of those developed nations.

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