Energy, a six letters word due to which whole world runs. Each & Everything in this world running only because of energy. From manufacturing of a product to launch of space shuttles, from lighting of bulbs to running of large heavy duty machines, energy is the working force behind every single concept of today world. Because whole world is running through energy, it is required at very-very huge and large scale. Human beings invented different methods for filling different kind of energy requirement like invention of electricity, use of petroleum, making dams etc. and the same leads to many other natural problems like global warming, pollution, danger to many of species of this planet even we ourselves human beings. Now a day’s whole world runs on electric and petroleum energy and the use of petroleum products and generation of electric power creates pollution. Like when power is generated through coal burning air get polluted because of smoke generated in the burning process of coal. When we make dams on rivers, forest gets destroyed, environment imbalance etc. when we runs vehicles, fly planes or use petroleum products to run engines of large machines we again generates pollution. All of the above happens because energy is the required for living life on our planet.

To control all the pollution, environmental problems first of all use electrical and petroleum products needs to be controlled and for this we need to invent the machines, engines, devices, vehicles, etc which runs without energy means runs on zero energy. It looks like that I am talking nonsense at this point but let me clear it Zero energy means a object derive the energy from within itself to run it. In other words all the things working at their own. It will be combination of atoms & electrons research, artificial intelligence, etc. Much Research needs to be carried out for this. If we successful than we can hope planes will fly at their own, vehicles will run without petrol, diesel, gas and bulbs will provide lighting at their own.

In my above article I was not able to clearly present my views but if anyone of you can understand please advise me the changes.

I hope that readers of this article will have some idea after going through the article about my view.

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