Few days back on a TV Channel I saw the Bhajan for Lord Shiva and the singer is one of the popular saints now-a-days. Saints are acquiring whose money, assets and resources from devotees and making their ashrams. They are using very professional management tactics to increase the number of devotes from every section of society. They sell books medicines, audio-visual CD’s/DVD’s of their prayers, Bhajans and other programmes. They print magazines and sold it to their devotees. All the above methods show that spiritual gurus are using highly professional management tools. By acquiring more and more resources, assets, money etc how do these spiritual gurus helps society. It looks like a commercialization of religious activities and making profit out of religious faith of peoples.

It is not good for our society and the resources of these ashrams must be tracked whether they are used in proper way or not for development of society.

Personally I am not against any religious activity as I have full faith in god but wants that no commercialization of religious activity should exist in our society.

Please send me your feedback for above.

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  1. I am not for the commercialisation either. And as for those who profess to be spiritual leaders to line their own pockets or weld power. That is worse.

    ps Thanks for popping by my blog this week.