Salary Problem

When anyone is under stress and feel frustrated what he/she is supposed to do? When he/she is working hard handling multiple jobs without any support system and not getting proper reimbursement for his/her services. Every time whenever boss seems some problem he assigns that job to that particular person and that men completes it but Boss do not say a word of appreciation and don’t make a comment about his/her salary. Any job which has to complete on urgent basis is given to that person and he/she completes it but appraisal is done for others. He/She think about a change but due to educational limitations he stops down. What step should be taken to make his career better. Should he/she start some business?

Please suggest the some ways.

Office Politics

It is said that you should work hard with enthusiasm for your company but when you are interested and working with full enthusiasm to complete the work of organization by spending extra hard work, extra time and sacrificing your family time and face environmental politics of office that leads to frustration. Even after sanction of resources sometimes your colleagues create blockage for you and that is the worst situation. If any employee needs to complete the task he needs resources / manpower for the same. Generally it happens that resources are not available at time and effort’s goes waste in arrangement of resources/manpower. Many times resources are not according to the environment or according to the level of modern living. When employee is pushed to work under the circumstances / standards of past era the output / result are not very good, as it is something swimming against the flow of water which decreases the output.

Please mention how to save your time and efforts from arrangement of resources and save yourself from office politics.


Various trade unions, employees unions have called for a nationwide strike (India) on 20th August, 2008 against anomalies in sixth pay commission, wrong economic & labour policies and inflation. Banking, Railways, Aviation, Insurance and various other sectors will likely to be remained close. Strike is supported by Left Parties, All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) and Centre for Industrial Trade Union (CITU), Airport Authority Employees' Union (AAEU), Central Public Sector Trade Unions (CPSTU) and other 40 employees' federations are also supporting the strike.

Due to strike many flights had been already cancelled because approx. 22000 employees of Airports Authority of India are on strike.

Bank employees are protesting against the new economic policies of mergers, which have led to job cuts. Lower level government staff had also supported strike because of partial reimbursement in 6th pay commission.

Train services may be also stropped as farmers are also protesting against wrong government policies.

But will this strike solve any issue and what will happen with the private sector employees who are not getting proper reimbursement for their services and suffer because of loopholes in system.

Please provide some solid mechanism to support middle & lower level families of country as they are already facing problem for their regular needs because of sky rocketing inflation. Middle Class Service families are under tremendous pressure and facing problem of survival and you can not imagine the position of poor class.

Our politicians only make comments through media and press but real work is zero.

Express your points to help the society.

Amarnath Land Issue

From last two months Jammu & Kashmir have seen too much protest over the issue of Allocating land to Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB). In starting the protest was against the land allocation and the government taken it back from the Shrine Board but now the supporters for board protesting and doing strikes/chakka jam all over the country.

This one issue had destroyed all the hard work and sacrifice of thousands of soldiers who worked for many years to restore peace in the valley. All the political parties are working on the concept of vote bank but no one is thinking that how it will affect the communal harmony of the country and have a very big impact on morale of security forces.

We all knows that Pakistan is continuously working on Kashmir issue and the matter is still not resolved in International Arena but even knowing this fact Indian politician are now taking initiative to calm the state.

Please express your views on the same.

Blogger Services

First thing i noted on blogger services ( today that i have seen pictures of three new cute babies on my dashboard, but the middle one just looks like my son. i really likes it and think for a movement that small babies really attracts everyone on first sight.

On last friday my blog had been marked as spam and i immediately followed the precautionary steps suggested. It has been mentioned that if my blog is real one (not a spam) it will be restored in two business days and i was thinking that due to saturday and sunday my blog will be restored only after tuesday but blogger team had worked hard and restored it on monday.

Great Job!

Employee V/s Employer

All over the world every organization arranges lectures, seminars, books, etc. for better output of manpower but nowhere, you will found any book, material, seminar how to keep happy your employees. How to better reimburse the staff, how to provide better health service to them, how to provide better accommodation, how to better arrange things for their family and so many how to ?

Some IT companies are now a days looking after these things but what about other sector companies. Many of the rising sectors like real estate, education and telecommunication are still not taking initiatives for betterment of their staff.

Express your views over it.

Local information on Google

Whenever we want to search for any information on internet the first view that flashes through our mind is google. The most popular search engine. In the starting of google it was only a site providing search facility to the users but today it is providing free facilities like gmail, google groups, google news, google calendar, google reader, google documents, google earth, google maps, google blogs (, image search, google videos, google knol, etc. The list is endless. many other sites are also providing the many of the above mentioned features or something like that but google is leader because of quality of its services and obviously the speed.

Sometimes you are not able to find appropriate information about neighbourhood market by visiting their but google shows many good results when you search. Here the point is that google still needs to do so much of work about providing local information to anyone. If you want to have the phone number and email of your nearest drycleaner or wants to know the phone number grocery shop you will feel helpless not only google but almost everywhere on net especially in cities of India.

I am living in Faridabad and if I want to search for some printer, book shop, Video shop, internet café etc. No site will be able to provide me right content. Either I have to talk to my neighbors/friends or go to the market and inquire about it.

Although google is giving much information about US cities but here in India google has not reached upto that level means in small cities. It is not able to provide help to students, housewives for their daily routine needs.

I think some research/initiative if taken about it will save lot of time of individual which can be used for more betterment of society.

Please send me your views on same.


On last Friday & Saturday serial bomb blasts taken place in two of our known cities i.e. Bangalore and Ahmedabad and killed around 100 peoples. It shows that terrorist have spread their wings in whole India. They sent threatening email and challenges internal security of India. All the bomb blasts have been done in a planned way and crossing every limit of humanity. If terrorist organizations are working for some good demand then they must not have planted the bombs near hospitals. If they want to show their presence they should follow the method taken by Indian freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, who used the bombs to present his demand without killing a single human. Even Gandhiji called back one of his andolan/movement because of violence has taken place during that andolan/movement. The action of Bhagat Singh & Gandhiji clearly shows that they peoples are working for some genuine reason. But these terrorist groups are not working on any genuine thinking they are just killing peoples and they do not have any humanism. They try to kill more and more peoples to create fear in society. They say that India is weak and they are brave then they should come in open and fight from front why they hide like a mouse after doing their activities.

At this tough time we should all come together and fight with bravery against these bad powers. It is the duty of every citizen to remain alert and provide support to government agencies. We should not think only Law enforcement agency, government have to play the complete role and it is only their duty to stop all these activities. It is the duty of every individual to report the any suspicious activity/person happening around him/her to police immediately.

I would like to appreciate the alertness of Surat citizens who informed the police about two suspicious cars containing bombs. If every one of us will show alertness we will not only save many lives but also able to defeat Terrorism.


Indo-US Nuke Deal

I am failed to understand the Indian political parties because they do not work on a particular view. They don’t have a stand or I can say ‘Vichardhara’. They work for their benefit and change their stands from time to time and according to situation. As we have seen in the case of the case of Indo-US Nuke deal. BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) have started the Indo-US Nuke deal process when it was in power during the time of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the same process gone ahead during the working of congress government but now the BJP is moving against this deal citing various reasons. LEFT parties have provided support to the congress and congress also accepted the support for four years even after their controversies on above deal and shown a drama of meeting, conferences to make fool to public.

But now as inflation is out of government control and international pressure as well as other pressures like party image, coming election, etc. is a reason of worry for congress, it is showing that in interest of nation they are going ahead with the deal. LEFT parties withdrawn support, because both partners know that election is near and people’s faith is most important for them now. So they are trying to present themselves as a clear party in front of Janta. Why they have not done it before 2 – 3 years or why they did not planed it before making government.

Samajvadi party which is against congress from last four years has now shown their support for Nuke Deal saying that it is important for our nation. What were they doing since last 4 years and we all know that they have fight election against congress in UP.

Other parties & independent MPs are also giving different statements, according to their own situations.


VVIP Convoy on Roads

Many times we seen that traffic is stopped on roads as some VIP or VVIP convoy is about to cross the road, first a pilot car comes to check security and after that whole group of cars passes and this whole process takes enough time to create big traffic jam. Today I seen a video at that BUS had been included in the fleet of Indian President Smt. Pratibha Patil and the initiative had been taken by Madam President herself to reduce the expenses and less burden for public. It will not only reduce the expenses of VVIP Convoy but also reduce the consumption of petrol and diesel on roads during traffic jams. If all other VVIP like Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, Cabinet Minister, State Ministers , Chief Ministers etc. On any given day if 150 VVIP moves on roads and approx. 2000 vehicles stopped for say 2 minutes on average for every convoy, then the wastage of petrol will be 225 ml. per vehicle and total wastage is 450 Litre for every VVIP.

For 150 VVIP it will be 67500 litre and cost of 67500 litre petrol (40%) and diesel (60%) is Rs.1336500 + Rs.1350000 = Rs.2686500 Wastage of One Day.

Jam in minutes

Vehicles stopped

Wastage per vehicle

Total wastage

No. of VVIP*

Total fuel wastage per day

Total amount of wastage per day

Wastage in 1 year



225 ml.

450 litre



Per day fuel Wastage for one VVIP

Approx. no. of VVIP moving

Total fuel wastage in a day

Total cost of per day wastage (60% diesel + 40% petrol)

450 litre




And if this much of oil is saved regularly then it will also helpful in reducing prices of oil according to demand & supply rule which furthers brings down prices of other things.

Whole year wastage will be approx. Rs. 100 Crore which can be saved easily and other facts like burden to public will be also less if some more means and ways looked into.

All figures are approximate and do not indicate anything in particular.

VVIP Convoy on Roads

Many times we seen that traffic is stopped on roads as some VIP or VVIP convoy is about to cross the road, first a pilot car comes to check security and after that whole group of cars passes and this whole process takes enough time to create big traffic jam. Today I seen a video at that BUS had been included in the fleet of Indian President Smt. Pratibha Patil and the initiative had been taken by Madam President herself to reduce the expenses and less burden for public. It will not only reduce the expenses of VVIP Convoy but also reduce the consumption of petrol and diesel on roads during traffic jams. If all other VVIP like Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, Cabinet Minister, State Ministers , Chief Ministers etc. On any given day if 150 VVIP moves on roads and approx. 2000 vehicles stopped for say 2 minutes on average for every convoy, then the wastage of petrol will be 225 ml. per vehicle and total wastage is 450 Litre for every VVIP.

For 150 VVIP it will be 67500 litre and cost of 67500 litre petrol (40%) and diesel (60%) is Rs.1336500 + Rs.1350000 = Rs.2686500 Wastage of One Day.

And if this much of oil is saved regularly then it will also helpful in reducing prices of oil according to demand & supply rule which furthers brings down prices of other things.

Whole year wastage will be approx. Rs. 100 Crore which can be saved easily and other facts like burden to public will be also less if some more means and ways looked into.

All figures are approximate and do not indicate anything in particular.

Real Estate Prices

In last three – four years prices of property have increased many folds and reached a level that EWS (Economically Weaker Section) category flats constructed by government are out of reach of a common man. A middle service class person can not afford to buy the EWS category flat than how the poor peoples will purchase same. In previous decade government generally constructs the houses through Housing Board Department but now government also constructs flats because of increasing pressure of population density and increasing inflation. Private builders are earning too much of money by purchasing land at cheap prices and selling flats at very-very high prices. All around the Delhi or we can say in National Capital Region most of big companies are engaged in constructing many projects for different types of flats and selling them at good profit margin ratios. Companies are making fool to customer by even promising luxury facilities but actually delivering only low standard facilities. Cost of single bedroom/ studio apartments are approx. Rs.15-20 lacs depending upon location, city and facilities offered. If a person is earning approximately Rs. Ten thousand per month how he will purchase the above flats even if he takes loan he is eligible for approximately 30 to 40 percent of his salary i.e. Rs. Four lacs maximum and he have to repay the loan as per month loan installment of approximately Rs.1000/- for every lac he/she borrows or approximately Rs.4000 in above mentioned case. In last 6 months even home loan interest rates have also move upwards. So what will happen with the projects which are selling flats in the range of 50 – 70 lacs and even more than that and about villas I can not make a comment.

In 2001-02 prices of houses in my area constructed by housing board is four to five lacs but now the rates are 13-14 lacs.

The reason of high prices is due to commonwealth games in Delhi, Construction of Metro rail, Black money investment by Politicians, Bureaucrats and Businessman’s.

Year 2075

Whenever I think about future the first things comes to my mind is competition between India, Pakistan and China. If we estimate according to current parameters available to us we found that India and China are growing economy of the world. Although Pakistani economy is not at par with these two economy but future is unpredicted and I hope if Political, Law & Order situation got stability in coming decade than Pakistan also have the dearth of resources under its knees beat these two economies as India young work force will be old after 2-3 decades but if Political and Civil situation doesn't improves in Pakistan, it is hard to predict the scenario for Pakistan. India also dealing with many problems like inflation, unrest in North-East, Terrorism, J&K Problem and disputes of borders with China & Pakistan and problem on Bangaldesh border. China also facing problems like Tibet Issue, Inflation, Border Issues with India, etc.

All these countries also face natural calamities problems like flood, storm, earthquake, tsunami, etc. from time to time. Generally India face problem of flood every year in many of its states.

Overall India's future looks good because of its peace based policy and recent initiative for trade cooperation with China despite non faithfulness of China and border issues, Co-operation with USA for Indo-US nuclear deal if successful will also provide India a source of energy for its growing energy needs to maintain its development.

Please post your views regarding same.

Indo-China Relations

Relations of India and China are bitter since the war between two countries in 1962 but currently both countries are pursuing for economic, diplomatic and trade relations. Although many issues surround the relations of these countries like finger point area in Sikkim, Indian Territory in Arunachal Pradesh, border area in Kashmir and issue of Tibet. I think India should be very careful when dealing with China as we can’t forget the incidence of ‘Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’. According to me India have made many compromises on international issues and we can see the same in the case of China.

Both countries should start with trade relations and follows other solutions suggested by experts, as India and China are the emerging economies and co-operation between these two will bring betterment and prosperity to our world.

Send me your views.

Price Hike in Petroleum Products

As we all knows that recently government increased price of Petrol, Diesel and LPG cooking gas due to increase in international market from last many months and increasing pressure of Oil Companies as the companies are going through very rough phase. The question arise here is how this price hike will affect the common man especially the middle class of our semi-urban and urban cities who is already under tremendous pressure due to high inflation rate. Prices of all basic commodities have increased in last two-three months. Even though the government is planning to implement the sixth pay commission norms but it is not finalized yet and what will happens with peoples working in private sector.

One of the factors behind increase in prices of crude oil at international level is trading/future trading of the same according to views of some experts. But I don’t understand why all the governments are not taking steps to stop/ban/control trading of same.

I think government should have control the prices of LPG because it is a essential basic commodity and must start the research of alternate energy sources on urgent basis to save the nation from future crisis. In alternate sources we should not depend only on nuclear energy but some new initiatives need to be taken care.

Please send your views about the same.

Countries Marks World Environment Day

Today the world celebrates World Environment Day - a day which aims to spread awareness of the environment while creating awareness of the need to preserve and enhance the environment.This year's theme "Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy" - h

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Reservation is a issue which had spreads its roots deeply into the Indian society which is not right. If you want to bring the prosperity than you should educate the weaker not the person whose attitude is not right but have dearth of resources with them.

Recently Gujjars demanded reservation and lots of peoples have been killed during agitations. Much of public as well as private property get damaged during the agitation.

If we want to do something good to society than reservation system must be finished and anyone who is not having finance to study than he must be provided help / quota but not everyone based on caste system. Caste based reservation system divides the society and upbrings inequality. It is just politics.

Post your views to me about it.

Rich / Poor

We always say, listen and discuss that hard work is key to success and brings prosperity. In every part of world you can found books, articles, etc. for the same. But I generally observe that a labour is harder worker than rich persons. Rich persons only pass orders to his subordinates, junior or the employees working under him.

What is the reason behind it?

Woman to head missile project for the first time

Woman to head missile project for the first time

New Delhi, May 13 (PTI) After rising to the ranks of Lt Generals in the army and Air Marshals in the IAF, a woman is now set to head the country's key missile project.
45-year-old Dr Tessy Thomas, one of the around 200 women scientists and technicians working for the DRDO, has been cleared to be appointed to the post of Project Director of the upgraded version of the 2000 km-long nuclear capable Agni-II missile.
Thomas is presently the Associate Project Director of the 3,000 km range Agni-III missile project.
Asked about the new version of Agni-II being planned, Thomas, who was yesterday honoured along with the entire team of Agni-III by the Prime Minister, told PTI that "It is still a confidential project. It will be called Agni-II A (2)." "I like my job. I feel I am contributing to my nation's security," Thomas, who has named her son after the country's light combat fighter Tejas, said.
A B.Tech from Thrissur Engineering College, Calicut, and M.Tech from Pune, Thomas is an expert on all solid system propellant.
Thomas, who did the post analysis of the failure of the first Agni-III missile, said there were some shortcomings in the test of the missile which were overcome for a smooth flawless test flight on May seven. PTI

Woman to head missile project for the first time

Business etiquette

Business etiquette

“etiquette is what you are doing and saying when people are looking and listening. What you are thinking is your business”
-Virginia Cary Hudson

Ø As we become a more high-tech society, the need for a sensitive, personal touch in business increases.
Ø As John Naisbitt says in Megatrends, “whenever new technology is introduced into society, there must be a counter balancing human response”.

Ø No matter how intelligent or accurate your computer is, you must still interact with people.
Ø “Good manners are cost effective. They increase the quality of life in the work place, contribute to optimum employee morale, embellish the company image, and hence play a major role in generating profit.”

Ø A U.S. office of Consumer affairs’ study showed that “up to 90% of unhappy customers never complain about discourtesy, and 91% will never again do business with the company that offended them. In addition, the average unhappy customer will tell the story to at least nine other people, and 13% of unhappy customers will tell more than twenty people.”

“A company becomes a company you want to do business with because of people who work in it, so business etiquette has a very definite relationship to the bottom line.

*Good etiquette is good business!

ØWhen viewed in this light, etiquette is more than which fork to use, or how to smile nicely, when to wear a tuxedo.
ØToday’s business people must know how to walk into a room full of strangers and feel at ease.

ØThey need to able to introduce themselves and others without feeling apprehensive.
ØThey should know when-and how-to make a phone call to cheer or congratulate someone, or when a handwritten note or an e-mail is in order.

ØThey must know how to conduct themselves at company social functions and receptions, and understand the complexities of the business lunch.

Some etiquette basics
Ø Train etiquette what about the rule that on a bus, or subway men or younger people must give up their seats to women or older people?
Ø Not any more-unless the people are handicapped or pregnant.
Ø Of course, offering your seat is still a nice gesture.

Holding doors
Ø Yesterday’s etiquette dictated that a man had to back up and let a woman pass through a door first; a younger person had to do the same for an older person.
Ø But today’s common-sense etiquette dictates that the person in the lead holds the door for the person in the rear.
Ø It is that simple.

ØIf people of the same gender approach the door together, the one in the higher position or the considerably older usually enters first, while the other person holds the door for them.

Ø What about revolving doors?
Ø If the woman is in the lead, she enters first and pushes; the man follows and pushes and vice versa.
Ø If the person in the rear wants to push a little harder to help out, that’s great.
Ø The point is not who goes first, but that everyone gets through the doors easily.

ØJust remember that common sense rules.
ØIf someone is carrying an armful of files or packages, the other person takes the lead in all situations, regardless of sex or age.

Automobile etiquette
Ø It’s nice but not mandatory, for a man to go around to the passenger to assist a woman into the car when they travel together.
Ø It’s especially appropriate when the car is locked.
Ø If someone does unlock the door from the outside, please be polite enough to unlock the driver’s door from the inside!

ØGetting out of the car is another story.
ØSome women find it embarrassing for a man to come around and open their car door.
ØWhat do they do while waiting?

Ø If, however, a woman is dressed for a special event and might have trouble maneuvering her dress and wrap, then of course a man should help.
Ø If you’re a woman with a man who insists on opening your door, good manners dictate that you allow him this tradition without a show of resentment.

Ø It is still good manners for a man to walk a woman to a car if it is parked in a dangerous area; at night time he should accompany her in any area.
Ø Of course, it’s smart for a man to walk a man to his car as well!
Ø And a woman should always walk into parking lots in groups, if possible.

Elevator etiquette
ØCommon sense dictates that the people closest to the elevator doors get on first.
ØIf you want to be at the front when it’s time to get out, go in and stand by the buttons, out of the way.
ØOr go in last.

ØOr if you are in the very front waiting for your floor, however, you show good manners if you move outside the doors to allow people to exit from the back

ØConsideration of the entire group should always come before formal etiquette to one person, especially in an elevator.
ØIf you’re using the escalator or the stairs instead of the elevator, the man usually follows the woman.
Ø If you would be happy for one hour, take a nap.
Ø If you would be happy for a day, go fishing.
Ø If you would be happy for a month, get married.
Ø If you would be happy for a year, inherit a fortune.
Ø If you would be happy for life, love your work.
-Chinese proverb

Principles of impeccable work behavior
ØBasic guidelines the guidelines apply to all employees, just not newcomers.
ØMany veteran workers also need to be reminded occasionally of these basic principles of business professionalism.

Be careful with your appearance
ØThese are just a few general guidelines for the most effective business appearance:
Dress appropriately
Ø You want to be noticed, but you don’t want to stand out.
Ø And there are different rules for different situations and work styles.
Ø Again, your own organization’s style will dictate what is “appropriate”.
Dress for the position you want, not the position you have.
Ø Others tend to believe that you are what you appear to be.
Ø So when it comes time for promotions, management usually looks first for the people who need the least amount of grooming for the new position.
Dress conservatively
Ø For most businesses and most business occasions, conservative is best.
Ø You will have more credibility in a jacket than without, more credibility in long sleeves than in short, more credibility in conservative colors than flashy.

Expand your knowledge
Ø Knowing how to learn is the skill most needed by employees
Ø Learn as much as you can about your job and your manager’s job, and hoe each fits into the organizational structure.

ØFind out what other departments do.
ØRead the trade publication of your industry and profession.
ØBe the one who people turn to for expertise in your area.

Honor your working hours
Ø Working nine to five doesn’t mean that you arrive at nine and leave at five.
Ø It means you work from nine to five.
Ø Socializing at the coffee pot or eating breakfast at your desk does not constitute working.

Ø Five minutes may not seem like much to you, but it may seem like stealing to your manager or CEO, especially a small or a busy office.
Ø Spending 10 minutes on a personal phone call is only a small part of an eight-hour day, but 10 minutes a day equals 50 minutes a week-almost an hour of unproductive time

Ø If you start getting ready to leave at 4:45, charge out of the office at 4:49, and screeching out of the parking lot, you’ll give the impression that you can’t wait to leave-not a professional attitude.
Ø If you cut short a telephone conversation with a customer because it is quitting time, you may lose business

Ø If you arrive at a meeting late your actions say, “my time is more valuable than yours; you aren’t important to me.”
Ø Those few extra minutes may make a big difference in a way you are considered for promotions or raises.
Ø Be honest .
Ø How many hours do you really work?

Be friendly
ØWhen you are new, you need people to help you with your duties, explain procedures, and show you where to get information or material you’ll need.
ØMake an extra effort to get along with everyone, but don’t try too hard.

Ø Ask your new coworkers to have lunch with you; lunch is a great opportunity to get to know each other.
ØRemember that offices work best when individual efforts supports the team effort.
Keep personal information to yourself
Ø Friendliness aside, don’t let your life become the office soap opera.
Ø When someone asks, “how are you?” don’t spill your guts.
Ø Some of the information could be used against later
Ø If you can’t control your mood or your mouth, be quiet

ØThe same advice goes, of course, for sticking your nose into others’ personal business.
ØNever discuss or question salary or any other confidential or personal information with co workers.

Be positive and supportive
Ø When your day isn’t going the way you hoped it would, try to look at the positive side of things-and people.
Ø You’ll be surprised how quickly you can turn a bad day into a good one.
Ø Believe in your co-workers and back them up in public

ØWhen your manager makes a decision, give your wholehearted support to it, at least in front of others.
ØMake others look good at every opportunity.

ØManagers, especially need you to look, talk, write, and act like a positive, supportive representative.
ØYour professionalism reflects both on your manager and your organization

Keep an open mind
ØMake informed judgments, avoid jumping to conclusions, evaluate what you see in addition to what you hear, and don’t be party to gossip
ØEstablishing yourself as professional means that you show respect for others

Follow through
Ø We all get a little tired, especially by late afternoon, but the job you tackle at 5:00 P.M. means as much as the one you start at 8:00 A.M.
Ø Cover every angle of a project, and don’t wait to be reminded that you need to finish a project.
Ø Be accurate.

Ø Check and double-check to make sure things are going smoothly and the way you planned.
Ø Be realistic about how long an assignment will take, and let others know ahead of time if you anticipate a delay.
Ø Set deadlines and meet them.

Ø Our job knowledge ranks above communication skills as a factor for workplace success.
Ø Keep people informed in a succinct and a useful way.
Ø Every wants to know what’s going on-not every little detail of every day, but what is happening on major projects

Ø Your coworkers want to know about the status of assignments.
Ø They want to know immediately about any problems or mistakes.
Ø Most of all, if a conflict arises or if someone makes a mistake, remember that everyone is human.

Ø Managers want you, however, to go through the channels of communication.
Ø Don’t go over their heads, and don’t bring things to them that don’t concern them
Ø If you want to disagree with them, do it tactfully, with a positive alternative, and during a high point in a day.

Ø Speaking and listening are twin skills in communication.
Ø Both sides must play a part for communication to occur, and you can learn best by listening to what others know.
Ø Ask questions.

ØHear how other people organize their ideas, how they respond to changes in procedures.

Solve your own problems
ØWhen you do have to present a problem, bring possible solutions, too.
ØDon’t complain about things that can’t be changed, and don’t blame others when you make a mistake.

ØAccept responsibility when you have made a mistake, and work harder to make sure that it does not happen again.
ØLearn to accept criticism gracefully without defensiveness.

Work hard
ØBe ready and willing.
ØTake on new responsibilities, and do more than others expect.
ØDon’t be content to do only what’s expected of you or use the excuse that “it’s not my job”.

ØLook for areas in which you can do more and make yourself more valuable.
ØVolunteer for special projects.
ØThose who wait to be told what to do continue to be told what to do, and their value seldom increases.

Be assertive, but not aggressive
Ø What’s the difference?
Ø Assertiveness is appropriate behavior for the situation at hand.
Ø It’s standing up for your rights without infringing on the rights of other people.
Ø Aggressiveness is strong, overpowering, often abusive behavior.
Ø It’s rude, crude, and abrasive

Don’t be in too big hurry to advance
Ø Learn as much as you can in the job you have now.
Ø Think ahead. Plan.
Ø It’s like growing up: no matter how eager you are, it takes a certain amount of time.
Ø Try to enjoy what you have while it is yours.

Leave gracefully
Ø If you don’t have the job very long, keep your disappointment-or your extreme happiness-to yourself.
Ø Just be cordial and say your good-byes quietly.
Ø Never bad-mouth the people who have put money in your pocket.

ØIf some one leaving, respect that person’s privacy as much as your own.
ØEven if they have resigned, and you can’t understand why, respect their opinion.
ØThey are still the same people-they just chose not work there any longer.

Meeting people
Good manners are always important in contacts in life, but they must spring from real kindness of spirit or they will not ring true.
-Eleanor Roosevelt