On last Friday & Saturday serial bomb blasts taken place in two of our known cities i.e. Bangalore and Ahmedabad and killed around 100 peoples. It shows that terrorist have spread their wings in whole India. They sent threatening email and challenges internal security of India. All the bomb blasts have been done in a planned way and crossing every limit of humanity. If terrorist organizations are working for some good demand then they must not have planted the bombs near hospitals. If they want to show their presence they should follow the method taken by Indian freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, who used the bombs to present his demand without killing a single human. Even Gandhiji called back one of his andolan/movement because of violence has taken place during that andolan/movement. The action of Bhagat Singh & Gandhiji clearly shows that they peoples are working for some genuine reason. But these terrorist groups are not working on any genuine thinking they are just killing peoples and they do not have any humanism. They try to kill more and more peoples to create fear in society. They say that India is weak and they are brave then they should come in open and fight from front why they hide like a mouse after doing their activities.

At this tough time we should all come together and fight with bravery against these bad powers. It is the duty of every citizen to remain alert and provide support to government agencies. We should not think only Law enforcement agency, government have to play the complete role and it is only their duty to stop all these activities. It is the duty of every individual to report the any suspicious activity/person happening around him/her to police immediately.

I would like to appreciate the alertness of Surat citizens who informed the police about two suspicious cars containing bombs. If every one of us will show alertness we will not only save many lives but also able to defeat Terrorism.