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Local information on Google

Whenever we want to search for any information on internet the first view that flashes through our mind is google. The most popular search engine. In the starting of google it was only a site providing search facility to the users but today it is providing free facilities like gmail, google groups, google news, google calendar, google reader, google documents, google earth, google maps, google blogs (, image search, google videos, google knol, etc. The list is endless. many other sites are also providing the many of the above mentioned features or something like that but google is leader because of quality of its services and obviously the speed.

Sometimes you are not able to find appropriate information about neighbourhood market by visiting their but google shows many good results when you search. Here the point is that google still needs to do so much of work about providing local information to anyone. If you want to have the phone number and email of your nearest drycleaner or wants to know the phone number grocery shop you will feel helpless not only google but almost everywhere on net especially in cities of India.

I am living in Faridabad and if I want to search for some printer, book shop, Video shop, internet café etc. No site will be able to provide me right content. Either I have to talk to my neighbors/friends or go to the market and inquire about it.

Although google is giving much information about US cities but here in India google has not reached upto that level means in small cities. It is not able to provide help to students, housewives for their daily routine needs.

I think some research/initiative if taken about it will save lot of time of individual which can be used for more betterment of society.

Please send me your views on same.

Local Information

Sometimes i feel urgency for some information regarding purchase of material (household, commercial/official) or to book some ticket of railway, airline and many times it is very urgent to look for contact details of some agents / person / commission agent to deal with different types of government departments. As I don't have the local contact in that area, I use Internet (a big resource in itself) but most of time results are big zero.

Can anyone suggest me something in this regard.