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JuD on J&K | Liberation Only Solution | Indo-Pak Problem - Oneindia News

It is a open attack & challenge by radical groups on government of both countries India & Pakistan. India offered Peace  Talks with Pakistan which discontinued in wake of Mumbai 26/11 attack while Pakistani army fighting against radical group in Swat Region should take a note of it and instead of killing terrorist in battle field international community should devise strategy which attacks on their core foundation in following ways :-

- Highlight loopholes and negatives points of their motive and ideology to the members and new generation

- Take Religious leaders in confidence so that they inspire and motivate new generation to avoid joining radical groups . It will stop new recruitments of radical groups.

- Also strict global initiatives must be taken to bring their finance resources to limelight and freeze them.

- Call the leaders of Radical Groups for round table talks

- Provide assistance to everyone who wants to terminate his association with these groups

- Better Education, Health, Infrastructure & Development in areas affected by terrorism

The above steps will not only helps in bringing down terrorism but also increase the use of resources and manpower for betterment of world.

Indo-China Relations

Relations of India and China are bitter since the war between two countries in 1962 but currently both countries are pursuing for economic, diplomatic and trade relations. Although many issues surround the relations of these countries like finger point area in Sikkim, Indian Territory in Arunachal Pradesh, border area in Kashmir and issue of Tibet. I think India should be very careful when dealing with China as we can’t forget the incidence of ‘Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’. According to me India have made many compromises on international issues and we can see the same in the case of China.

Both countries should start with trade relations and follows other solutions suggested by experts, as India and China are the emerging economies and co-operation between these two will bring betterment and prosperity to our world.

Send me your views.