VVIP Convoy on Roads

Many times we seen that traffic is stopped on roads as some VIP or VVIP convoy is about to cross the road, first a pilot car comes to check security and after that whole group of cars passes and this whole process takes enough time to create big traffic jam. Today I seen a video at NDTV.com that BUS had been included in the fleet of Indian President Smt. Pratibha Patil and the initiative had been taken by Madam President herself to reduce the expenses and less burden for public. It will not only reduce the expenses of VVIP Convoy but also reduce the consumption of petrol and diesel on roads during traffic jams. If all other VVIP like Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, Cabinet Minister, State Ministers , Chief Ministers etc. On any given day if 150 VVIP moves on roads and approx. 2000 vehicles stopped for say 2 minutes on average for every convoy, then the wastage of petrol will be 225 ml. per vehicle and total wastage is 450 Litre for every VVIP.

For 150 VVIP it will be 67500 litre and cost of 67500 litre petrol (40%) and diesel (60%) is Rs.1336500 + Rs.1350000 = Rs.2686500 Wastage of One Day.

And if this much of oil is saved regularly then it will also helpful in reducing prices of oil according to demand & supply rule which furthers brings down prices of other things.

Whole year wastage will be approx. Rs. 100 Crore which can be saved easily and other facts like burden to public will be also less if some more means and ways looked into.

All figures are approximate and do not indicate anything in particular.