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The victory of BJP in election of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand and making of government in Goa and Manipur will provide clear majority to party in both houses of Parliament.  Mr. Narender Modi determination, initiatives and courage has made lot of proud and change of image of India on International Platform. As a Prime Minister of India his decision to make surgical strike, de-notisation changed Indian image of soft state to decision making state throughout the world. As a political leader of BJP his decision to fight election in most states without any coalition and despite losing Bihar election is fruitful at last. The common man of India wants to see the changes in system since very long and Yes the action and decisions made an impression in the mind of common man that he is moving in the direction expected by common man of India. He is trying to rotate the system in different angle. After getting clear majority in Rajya Sabha the BJP government will be able to take more hard and bold decisions in interest of the Nation. The young Indian generation has given votes to Modi Ji ignoring the caste and religion factor. Here it is important to mention that appointment of Mr. Yogi as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh will definitely make impact on peoples mind if he acts as a hardliner of Hindutava and if Mr. Yogi got succeeded in fulfilling the election promises of Mr. Modi and his party in coming months then surely he will be also a winner like Mr. Modi in eyes of UP peoples. It is also in media that Ram Mandir and some other old promises of BJP may be completed by BJP government in coming year but it will make a very bad impact on international secular image of the State of India however if Government of India completes the Ram Mandir in a peaceful manner with support of Muslim Community and legal way then India will be able to present a new way to the World and its Image in International System will be UNIQUE. BEST OF LUCK TO MY COUNTRY.

हमारा पर्यावरण

सूखे पतों  को हम जलाते है

धुंआ फैलाते है ,

पर्यावरण  को नुकसान पहुँचाते है   

कब संभलेंगे हम

कद्र  करो प्रकृति की

वरना मिट जाआगे
हरी भरी हो दुनिया सारी
ले सके साँस आने वाली नस्ले हमारी

ना दे वो ताना की
हमने बिगाड़ा भविष्य उनका
मत बनो जिम्मेदार अपने
ही बच्चो की मौत का

रखना है अगर मनुष्य जीवन कायम
तो पेड़ लगाओ , पेड़ बचाओ , पेड बचाओ
उठो , जागो, आगे बढ़ो और पर्यावरण बचाओ

Think before you Quit / Business Rule

if you want to quit your regular job and want to do something online then make sure that you don't pay any money in advance as memberships charges/registration charges etc. A general rule exist in our world "ONLY BEST FITTEST WILL SURVIVE" means there is "NO FREE LUNCH". You will get paid according to your work as per market prices. If someone offers high reimbursement than market prices it means there is a very strong probability that it is a scam/fraud. Only very rare of rarest chance of genuineness exist because invention, innovation, knowledge works within the framework of society, system and marketplace. Part time job needs less time and a bit of more money generally 25% more rates in comparison to regular job rates. But in regular job you put time more than the committed but gets income regularly. If you really want to do something online then you must have a ground base ready means the basic elements to start, run and operate a project like money, manpower, material, machinery and management must be readily available. Online is a subsidiary tool or way for your basic business to re-innovate but may not act as full flashed path of success. If you really want to work on a project then you must need to give it a time of 3-4 years in first year you need to gain knowledge, expertise etc. about the work. In first year of work you may need to bear some losses as you are new entrant. In addition to losses of 1st year you also need to fulfil and arrange your personal household expenses which puts financial pressure on you. In starting year you need to give much time to business and have less time for your personal family life.
In second year you will have some knowledge as well as some establishment and your work will go on for no profit / no loss basis but during 2nd year also you have to give complete time to your project.
In third year you will gain some grip on project based on your knowledge, strength and grip. You will surely have some profits if there is no downward trend in market of your work sector. If you were able to cross the hurdle of three years + downward movement then your work/project will give you long term benefits and after 5-6 years you can expand and after 10 years definitely you will have the ability to operate smoothly.
In short we can say FIRST YEAR FOR LOSS, second year NO PROFIT NO LOSS and third year SOME SAVING / PROFIT and if everything goes well with grace of god you will be comfortable with your project after 5-6 years.

Effects of denotisation on Start-UPS

As per 8th November 2016 order of Government of India the currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 banned for legal tendering. It's a nice move by government against black money, terrorism, naxalism, etc. but the move has turned the daily routine very very difficult for small traders, new investors to start and operate their business. To start any business you need capital and to arrange capital as per government rules it is nearly impossible as any government or private financial institution ask  for many documents/guarantee/credibility. A new businessman needs so many licences to start his/her business. Too much documents needs to be arranged to open bank account, register his/her new firm and to register and obtain permission of various government departments separately makes his work very tedious and too much time taking.

The move of denotisation has made it more difficult to start new project especially on small scale. You need to arrange a long list of documents as per prescribed criterias, talk to consultant, appear before authorities, got completed many inspections and other procedures and everybody knows that nothing happens without involvement of mediators means give and take. For all these and to travel, call, document generation you need currency and till now availability of cash is a very big issue.

Suggest some ways and means for above issues.

Employer v/s Employee

In commercial world two most important parts are one who works and other who gets executed and generally executioners is termed as employee and other one is known as Owner / Employer. Employee is important or employer is important it is always hot discussion between these two groups. Employee group thinks that due to their hard work their employer earns money   and has grown many folds with time and employer thinks that because he invested capital, taken risk and his intelligence has helped him to grow and increase and manpower is just a part of project/work. The price of manpower depends upon rule of Demand and Supply. The employee always obeys the employer and employer always made employee responsible for wrong doings and takes credit of right work. My view is that both parts are mandatory for successful execution of anything but profit/growth/reimbursement is generally more for employer and less for employee and reason may be because of gap in demand and supply. ‘Only Best Fittest Will Survive in This World’ is the most suitable term here at this point of discussion because in whole world generally anyone who is ready to spend will get solution. May be at some little cost or some higher cost.

So the solution is to go for good relations and employer must also give respect to his employees and employees should also work in a manner thinking that business is his own.