Badkhal Flyover to Ankhir Chowk

Currently these days so many trees are being cut on the green belt adjacent to road between Badkhal Flyover to Ankhir Chowk, probably the road is being converted from two lane to four lane and a another two land flyover may be constructed in coming near future joining the existing flyover which connects with National Highway-2 Mathura Road. Construction of new road will ease down the traffic problem and increase pace of development but Hundreds of trees has been cut down for the above mentioned purpose on the One Kilometer green belt area .  Important questions regarding environment which arises are :-
1. How the environment will be compensated?
2. Does any other location has been identified where the trees will be planted against the trees cut down?
3. What budget has been allocated for the new trees to be planted?
4. What timeline has been made.
I don't think that anything out of above mentioned questions has been done but is it possible to access these information using RTI. What are the concerned department which are carrying out this exercise.
Why the residents of nearby area are not raising a voice for the same.