Say No To Fire Crackers on Diwali

Diwali is coming and everyone has started planning and buying the gifts, cloths, cards, sweets and our young generations of teenagers, children's and even some well educated mature persons are very enthusiastic about bursting fire crackers. Bursting of fire crackers of hundred crores leads to much smoke, noise and other types of pollution. It even hurts and increase problems of patients admitted in hospitals and senior citizens who are generally have some type of allergy/disease due to age factors are increased. If the same amount of money is used for betterment of society it could be very useful.
By saying no to Fire Crackers we might not only reduce the high costs of buying and burning these crackers, but also reduce the expense incurred in the treatment and cure of asthma and other pollution related diseases including anxiety and heart problems. Should we not act reasonably and prove ourselves to be better citizens? Should we not make improved use of our education?
Yes their many peoples are employed with crackers industry but fire crackers manufacturers should come forward to make a crackers which specifies the limit of noise, size, smoke etc with regard to manufacturing of crackers.
Safety standard keeping in view the user safety must be also kept in mind . Moreover they should also try to invent how the bad impact of fire crackers on environment can be reversed and is it possible to recycle the waste produced by crackers. Although government have fixed 10:00 PM as the last time to burst crackers but government should also fix the standards for manufacturing of crackers.
At our own level we should come forward to SAY NO TO CRACKERS so that we can save environment and our  planet Earth (Our Mother) which has reached to critical dangerous stage right now due to global warming and rapidly increasing pollution levels.
We should celebrate our festivals with flowers, sweets and happiness. There are also many others methods through which we can celebrate our festivals.
Let’s spread this message to everyone.