Since my childhood i listened spiritual stories of Ramayan, Shri Bhagvad Katha and many more. We used to watch Ramayan and Mahabharat serials and learned that juniors, children and younger gi ves so much respect to their elders and seniors. Even for the wrong decision and younger s softly request elders about reconsideration of matter but if we see moder life trends the young ones don't listens to the elders.

Our Television serials, movies etc. of current times shows that elders touch the feet of young ones and request sorry to their sons and daughters. Even in one of the recent advertisement I seen that a junior clerk bluntly reply to his Senior officer for his helping offer and definitely it affects the moral values of peoples especially young and teenagers generation of our society. Someone said that writers, Poets shows mirror to the society but Television Serials and movies based on great novels etc. totally reverse the basic message by wrong presentation.

Why are Directors and producers not showing the right things and actions in a way which increase our moral values and protect rich Indian Culture instead of killing the values in our coming generation.